Legendary Siblings episode 1 recap

I shall recap this great Wuxia Series Legendary Siblings if I have the time. 🙂

The floral princess Yao Yue had a dream of Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que compete to death. The lady master asked Xiao Yu Er to leave the Floral Palace and find a certain girl for her. The floral princess and her sect beat up the kidnappers for kidnapping the kids. Yao Yue asked Yan Nantian to kill her.Yan Nantian fought with her and refused to kill her and said she can still live happily without him. A martial artist Jian Feng fought with the bandits and got injured. The floral princess Lian Xing saved Lian Feng. Lian Xing and her maid Huan Yuenu. Yao Yue arrived and saw Lian Xing laid on the bed. Lian Xing said that Jian Feng is her lover’s brother Yao Yue gave an order for Hua Yuenu to take care of Jian Feng in a different room and don’t let anyone getting near him. The floral princess asked Jian Feng’s servant Jian Yulang to send a message to Yan Nantian to rescue his brother. Yao Yue warned her sister Lian Xing to not visit Lian Feng.

Jian Feng wakes up. Lian Xing sneakily visits Jian Feng during the night and asked her maid Yeunue to guard outside. Lian Xing warned her maid not to tell that she came here. While rehearsing martial arts, Yao Yue see Lian Xing isn’t focused. Yao Yue told Lian Xing that men are bad. Lian Xing said no one can ever escape the smile of Jian Feng. Yao Yue asked Jian Feng to snatch a flower for her. Jian Feng showed her a red rose. Yao Yue asked Jian Feng to put the flower on her hair. Yao Yue threw the flower and said all men are cheap. Jian Feng fought with Hua Yuenu and asked her what place is this and how come he can only walk in the garden. Hua Yeunue said this is the Floral Palace. Yeunue pointed a knife toward herself and told Jian Feng if he leaves, she will die for him and the princess wouldn’t care since she’s a maid. Yuenu asked Jian Feng to leave.

Lian Xing punched Jian Feng and said she can’t let him leave. Lian Xing said her sister wants to keep him to lure Nantian to come. Yao Yue punched Jian Feng. Lian Xing begs her sister to forgive Jian Feng. Yao Yue told Lian Xing that she won’t blame her because she’s been more naive than her. Yao Yue orders the maids to put Lian Feng in the cellar. Yao Yue told Lian Xing if she releases Jian Feng, she will kill him. Xiao Yeunu took Jian Feng out under the Lian Xing’s order. Jian Feng hugged Yuenu. Yuenu and Jian Feng jumps down the deep well. Jian Feng promises Yuenuthat he will be with her after they escape. Yeunue told Jian Feng if she dies in the well she is satisfied to die under his arm.Lian Xing ordered the maids to search for Yueneu and Jian Feng. Yuenu and Jian Feng saw a rat crawling on the ground and believe there must be an underground under the well. Yuenu and Jian Feng escape from the well. Lian Xing called Yeunu a mistress stealing Jian Feng from her. Jian Feng fought with Yeunue and said there’s nothing wrong with love and he truly loves Yeunu.






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