Weapons of Power episode 8 recap

Lin Pen showed his master his calligraphy. Lin Pen’s master sees Lin Pen worked hard in those calligraphy and decided to teach him martial arts Nuo Feng still can’t see how Lin Pen will master the martial arts. Nuo Feng sneaks out to play with crickets and asked his servant to stand by the window pretending to study. Nuo Feng took his father in front of Lin Pen’s room. Lin Pen returned home and got grabbed by his master. Lin Pen’s master asked Lin Pen why didn’t he learn his martial arts. Lin Pen said he wanted to take the time to learn. Lin Pen said he went to looked at the cricket fight to broaden his views on martial arts. Nuo Feng’s father told Nuo Feng he wanted to teach Lin Pen some martial arts hoping to train a potential martial artist. Xiahou Zhun told Lin Pen’s master and Nuo Feng that Mu Rong Bai is still alive and punched their members.

Lin Die takes care of his master Mu Rong Bai. Mu Rong Bai pretends to be ill and recites a poem to Lin Die and asked him to remember it. Lin Die recites the poem to Mu Rong Bai. Mu Rong Bai wants Lin Die to learn his martial arts after solving the poem. Lin Die’s fiance asked Lin Die when will he marry her. Lin Die told her fiance to wait for him for three more years. Lin Die’s mother promised Lin Die’s fiance that she will get married before she turns twenty. Lin Die’s mother gambled and lost. Lin Die asked his mother if she took his pearl from his friend. Lin Die’s mother asked Lin Pen for some money. Lin Pen told his mother he ate abalones everyday till he lost the appetite. Lin Pen asked the servants for some money. Nuo Feng saw Lin Pen’s mother eating a bunch of food. Lin Pen’s mother looked at Nuo Feng and said Lin Pen has good taste. Nuo Feng told Lin Pen’s mother that she is not in a relationship with Lin Pen. She finds Lin Pen a cheap man. Nuo Feng walked to her room and found her jade missing.




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