Weapons of Power episode 9 recap

Lin Pen’s mother told Lin Die he said some nonsense causing her to lose faces in front of Nuo Feng. Lin Pen told his mother someday he’ll win Nuo Feng’s heart. Lin Pen gave his mother two beautiful outfits to pawn for money. Nuo Feng came in Lin Pen’s room and called him a thief. Lin Pen assures that his mother didn’t steal. Nuo Feng ordered the guards to lock Lin Pen up. Nuo Feng’s maid came to Nuo Feng’s room and returned the jade and said she found it under the dishes. Nuo Feng apologizes to Lin Pen. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng she was born being a princess and being loved and he was born being a pauper but he’s honest. Lin Pen promised Nuo Feng he will try to avoid her. Lin Pen asked Nuo Feng to return home. Lin Pen wandered in the festival. Nuo Feng’s boyfriend paid the lantern for him and called Li Pen’s mother a thief. Lin Pen beat up Nuo Feng’s boyfriend. Nuo Feng helped Lin Pen up. Lin Pen apologized to Nuo Feng and bought her a small lantern. Nuo Feng told Lin Pen that her father would like to teach him martial arts to be his descendant.

Lin Pen’s mother ran away from the gamblers. The gamblers beat up Lin Pen’s mother. Lin Die beat up the gamblers and took the debt for his mother. Lin Die took many jobs but got ruined by his master. Lin Die’s master told Lin Die he just wants him to learn his martial arts. Lin Die’s master trains Lin Die. The warehouse owner hired Lin Die. Lin Die’s mother got kidnapped by the gamblers to work for them. Lin Die gave the gamblers some money. Lin Die beat up the gamblers. Lin Die asked the gambler to give him more days to pay his mother’s debt.

Lin Pen caught a fish in front of Nuo Feng and said he wanted to give it to her father. Lin Pen said that eating this fish can make her father live longer. Lin Pen carried his bucket of water and told Nuo Feng that those fish are also sold on the street but if she still wants to catch it on the stream, she can. Lin Pen’s master ordered his servant to tie Lin Pen up the tree. It’s raining. Lin Pen yelled at heaven. Nuo Feng looked after Lin Pen. Nuo Feng asked Lin Pen not to blame her father since he just wanted him to work hard. Nuo Feng fly up on the tree and brought a basket of food. Nuo Feng puts a bun in Lin Dies mouth. Nuo Feng asked Lin Pen if he knows why her father’s arm has been chopped. His closest buddy Mu Rong Bai betrayed him and poisoned him. She never seen his father happy. She saw her mother tested the medicine by eating it. Her mother died from the poison.





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