Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 33 recap

Siu Bo rent a house for the sect members and asked them to stay here while he and Seung Yee goes back to he palace. Siu Bo asked Seung Yee to write that he’s the leader of the Anti-Qing but also Emperor Kangxi’s favorite eunuch and he’s also part of the Holy Dragon Sect. Seung Yee told Siu Bo that she realizes he is so good at lying. Siu Bo told Seung Yee that he always con but he won’t lie to her. Siu Bo held her hands and said he can’t let her be in trouble. He plans on putting her by the Anti-Qing’s side. Siu Bo returned to the palace and told Hong Hei he saw his father and been attacked by the tibetan monks. Siu Bo gave the manuel from Shunzhi to Hong Hei. Hong Hei teared up while reading the manuel. Siu Bo cried and said he would like to take care of Emperor Shunzhi in the temple.

Princess Kin Ning asked Siu Bo to bring her some toys. Hong Hei stared at Kin Ning hitting Siu Bo and he yelled at her. Hong Hei told Princess Kin Ning that Siu Bo is not an eunuch. He ordered him to pretend to be a eunuch. He is Wai Siu Bo. Princess Kin Ning asked Siu Bo if he was harsh for Kin Ning. The majesty’s guards passed by Kin Ning playing with Siu Bo and they ignored like they didn’t see anything. Kin Ning asked Siu Bo to beg the majesty to let her marry him. Kin Ning cried that Siu Bo will eventually leave the palace. Kin Ning held a knife and tried to castrate Siu Bo. Siu Bo slapped Kin Ning. Kin Ning laid on the bed and said she feels so comfortable. Kin Ning massaged Siu Bo. Empress Dowager arrived and saw Siu Bo shoes and confronted Siu Bo. Kin Ning begged the Empress Dowager not to behead Siu Bo. The Empress Dowager asked Siu Bo to come with her. Empress Dowager beat up Siu Bo and saw his badge and asked how did he received his badge. Siu Bo held the badge and said he’s her new leader. Siu Bo said the leader of the Holy Dragon Sect taught him thirty martial art moves. Siu Bo told the Empress Dowager he came here to ask her for the manuels.

The majesty’s guard came to recruit Siu Bo under the majesty’s order. Hong Hei told Siu Bo that he was worried that the Empress Dowager may harm him so he thought of sending the guards to rescue him. Siu Bo told Hong Hei he told the Empress Dowager he was going out to party. Hong Hei told Siu Bo he is such a good liar. Hong Hei told Siu Bo he’s worrying that the Empress Dowager will harm him. Hong Hei gave Siu Bo a task to pretends to me a monk and take care of Emperor Shunzhi for him. Prince Kang told the officials that he heard that Eunuch Wai is a fake eunuch. Siu Bo greets the officials.




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