Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 34 and 35 recap

Siu Bo came and told the officials he’s frustrated about something. He may pray at the temple for their wellness. The officials discuss and thought Siu Bo worried about telling his fake eunuch identity to the majesty. The officials kidnapped Siu Bo in a room and wants to castrate him. Siu Bo asked the officals not to be reckless, the majesty already knows his identity and will tell out his identity tomorrow morning. The officals put sleeping powders on Siu Bo. The officals is about to castrate Siu Bo. Do Lung and told the official he came to congratulate Siu Bo wakes up and looked at the blood and whined.Do Lung and the official came to stopped Siu Bo from being castrate. The official said the blood on the sword is his when he tried to stop the blade. Siu Bo wore the golden shirt and ready to go to his mission.

Seung Yee serves Siu Bo. Siu Bo hugged Seung Yee preventing the officials from touching her. While Siu Bo gambles,Tsang Yau and her sect attacked the tribe. The female pointed a sword at Siu Bo. Siu Bo asked the Tsang Yau to blow the bowl. Siu Bo gambled. Siu Bo fought with the sect. Siu Bo thought in his mind that since Tsang Yau is related to the Heaven and Earth Sect, he needs to find a way to let her leave. Siu Bo gambled with the sect. Siu Bo gambled and said if he rolls the dice higher than number 4, then they are out of luck. Siu Bo threw the dice of number 3 and said he’s been out of luck this week. Siu Bo let the sect leave leaving one of the members staying. The sect member said the sect leader is a member of Ng Sam Kwai. His sect only wanted to steal money. Siu Bo ordered the guards to beat up the member. Siu Bo interrogates the sect member. The sect member said he came her to find Ng Ying Hung. Tsang Yau played the flute. Siu Bo scratched his arms and claimed he got bitten by mosquitoes last night. The officials watches Seung Yee massage for Siu Bo.

Tsang Yau put poison in the boiling pot. Seung Yee tries to relieve the fire and sensed the poisoned and chased Tsang Yau. Seung Yee fought with Tsang Yau. Seung Yee gave the bowl of medicine for Siu Bo. Seung Yee told Siu Bo he found she found the bowl of medicine in the forest. Siu Bo stared at Seung Yee and found it suspicious she didn’t stare at him in the eye. Siu Bo compliments Seung Yee’s sachet. Seung Yee said she found it on the ground. Siu Bo saw the flute in Seung Yee’s outfit and pretends to take a nap. Seung Yee told Do Long he suspects Seung Yee has an affair. Siu Bo went in the woods and saw Seung Yee playing the flute. Siu Bo laid his hands on Do Lung’s knee and said Seung Yee has changed hearts and been lying to him. Do Lung feels disgusted and told Siu Bo he won’t be a good match for him. Siu Bo said Seung Yee is a girl. He was afraid they would let him bring he with him so he asked her to disguise into a boy.

The majesty’s guards asked Seung Yee to bring them to see Siu Bo. Tsang Yau disguised into a male played the flute. Siu Bo and the guards surrounded Tsang Yau. Siu Bo beat up Tsang Yau. Seung Yee told Siu Bo he can’t arrest her since she is Tsang Yau. Siu Bo asked Seung Yee and Tsang Yau to come to his room. Seung Yee told Siu Bo that Tsang Yau brought the medicine for him. Tsang Yau said her master wanted to rebel against Ng Sam Kwai. The majesty sent Siu Bo an edict to send him to the temple. The sect leader pointed a sword at Siu Bo. Seung Yee told the sect leader that Tsang Yau fell in love with Siu Bo and wants to stay with him. Siu Bo told the sect leader he’s on his side and also despite Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo said he bribed the guards to persuade the majesty not to arrest him. The sect leader gives Siu Bo three years to get rid of Ng Sam Kwai and give up his post if he wants to be with Tsang Yau.

Siu Bo gambled and stared the gorgeous Ah Ke. Siu Bo held on to the ladder and got stuck on the tree. Seung Yee threw the fabric and tied up to the ladder and pulled Siu Bo back. Siu Bo fell down the stair and asked the fabric store owner where’s the beautiful girl. Siu Bo asked Seung to stay at the fabric store and write down the name of the pretty girls buying the fabrics. The officials were surprised Seung Yee agrees to do that. Siu Bo prays at the temple hoping to meet the beautiful girl from the fabric store again.






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