Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 36 and 37 recap

The elder monk told the rules of the temple to Siu Bo. Siu Bo asked the elder monk if he can gamble in the temple. Ah Ke brought the clothes for her master and tried to open the cover on the tablet out of curiosity but her master prevented her. Ah Ke practices martial arts. Ah Ke asked her master some martial arts questions but she told her to continue to practice. Ah Ke tried to saved a withered plant. Flashback of Ah Ke’s master told Ah Ke that her parents have been killed by Ng Sam Kwai. Ah Ke doubts why her master is always cold to her. Ah Ke told the plant she spends several night sewing the clothe for her master. Siu Bo watches the monks rehearsing martial arts. Siu Bo thought the majesty sent him here to learn martial arts to protect Emperor Shunzhi so he thought of learning by watching the monks practicing martial arts. Siu Bo told the monk that he asked the monks to practice slowly worrying that they might hit each other. Siu Bo visits Seung Yee. Siu Bo tried to kiss Seung Yee. Seung Yee told Siu Bo that when he sees her beautiful girl, he won’t act like that. The ladyboss at the brothel showed the prostitutes to Siu Bo and Siu Bo felt disgusted looking at them. Siu Bo yells at Seung Yee for bringing him some ugly ducklings. Seung Yee cried and said she’s crying because she found herself useless. Seung Yee said that the ladyboss is a matchmaker and knows many pretty girls so she believed her.

Siu Bo and Seung Yee burnt the fish on the stream. Ah Ke watches Siu Bo chasing Seung Yee and confronted him. Siu Bo stared at Ah Ke and daydream about her coming up to him. Ah Ke pointed a sword toward Siu Bo. Seung Yee told Ah Ke she misunderstood him, Siu Bo is her friend. Siu Bo said Seung Yee is his first wife, and it would be awesome to have some middle wives to play with him. Ah Ke tried to kill Siu Bo. Seung Yee froze Ah Ke. Siu Bo called Ah Ke beautiful and asked if she knows he’s been searching for her. Ah Ke called them crazy and asked them to free her. Seung Yee unfroze her. Ah Ke punched Siu Bo. Seung Yee froze Ah Ke again. Siu Bo told Ah Ke that anger will lessen her beauty. Ah Ke told Siu Bo if he doesn’t kill her, she will poke his eyes. Siu Bo asked Ah Ke for her name. Siu Bo took Ah Ke’s hairpin from her hair and asked her to go to the temple to get his hairpin back. Siu Bo eft with Seung Yee and asked Seung Yee to unfroze Ah Ke by throwing the rock toward her from afar. Siu Bo hopes he can win Ah Ke’s heart even if he lost his post as the magistrate. Ah Ke fought with the monks. Siu Bo fell on Ah Ke and kissed her. Ah Ke stabbed Siu Bo. Siu Bo pretends to faint. Ah Ke tries to kill herself. Siu Bo stood up and told Ah Ke he isn’t dead yet.

The elder monk asked Siu Bo why does Ah Ke called him a pervert and tried to kill herself. Siu Bo said he stared at at the market and didn’t know she was that petty. He accidentally tripped and fell and kissed her. The elder monk asked the monks to hurry and treat Ah Ke and take her out of the temple.

Siu Bo discusses with his elder monk friend how to block the martial art steps from Ah Ke. Siu Bo asked the elder martial arts how long did he learn martial arts. Siu Bo told the elder monk that Ah Ke decipher the martial arts for a few years but he took more than ten years. Siu Bo went in the room and didn’t see Ah Ke. The two monks said the girl has left. Siu Bo went in the mountain searching for Ah Ke. Siu Bo went to the brothel and asked the server to bring the prettiest girls. The girls served Siu Bo. Ah Ke barged in the brothel and fought with the guards. Siu Bo told the girls that Ah Ke is his wife and didn’t like him play with them. Siu Bo gave money to the girls to tease Ah Ke. Siu Bo disguised into a prostitute and teased Ah Ke. Ah Ke complained to her master but she wouldn’t believe her.

Ah Ke cried and asked why no one cares for her and her master didn’t believe her. Ah Ke hangs up herself on the tree with a rope. Cheng Hak Song saved Ah Ke. Ah Ke wakes up and had illusion of seeing Siu Bo and knocked Cheng Hak Song with a rock. Ah Ke took Cheng Hak Song to her treehouse. Cheng Hak Song told Ah Ke that it was strange how they’ve first met, and if it was fate. Ah Ke held the plant and said she wanted to save the tree and she shouldn’t give up so easily. Siu Bo told Cheng Hak Song she wanted to suicide because she’s been harassed by a monk. Ah Ke’s master left a letter she went out of time and asked her to behave. Cheng Hak Song ordered expensive healthy dishes for Ah Ke. Ah Ke stared at the few men gossiped about her. Cheng Hak Song gave Ah Ke a pearl necklace as a present to cover her scar. Siu Bo and his monk friend discuss some moves to block Ah Ke’s moves. The monk told Siu Bo that Ah Ke came with a man.






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