Colourful Life episode 15 recap

Annie told her maid that Ellesmere knows martial arts which is like the Tibetan in her hometown. Annie and her maid met Ellesmere during the night and pretend to say that there’s two ghosts next to him. Annie asked Ellesmere if he has a jade which he possess Ellesmere gave the jade to Annie. Annie pretends using the jade to get rid of the ghosts. Annie asked Ellesmere if he gave Frankie other gifts besides the butterfly jades. Annie asked Ellesmere about his background. Annie complimented Ellesmere’s mother and asked her to vow that Ellesmere is her son. Ellesmere’s mother refused to vow and brought the dessert for Myolie. Florence’s maid brought the bag of rice for Florence. Florence told her wives she took the bag of rice from the magistrate wife to pray for her kick out her husband’s mistress.

Annie gave May a handkerchief she bought. Annie asked May about the third flower she sewed on her embroidery. Annie suggests May to sew a fourth flower so there would be two pairs. May recites a poem with Frankie and said she will leave tomorrow Annie asked Frankie about Ellesmere’s childhood. Frankie asked Annie to ask Ellesmere instead of bugging him. Annie told Frankie if May ask him he would answer. Frankie said May will leave tomorrow. Annie asked Frankie to chase May. Annie asked May not to leave. May told Annie that she won’t bug in her relationship with Frankie. May gave Annie the handkerchief and promised not to see Frankie anymore. Annie told May she misunderstood and she is the third party. Annie said she is thinking of telling the majesty to annul her marriage with Frankie. Annie patch up Frankie and May.

Ronald served the servants some seagulls and heard them gossip about him only likes to play don’t don’t work. While Louis is away, Ronald told the servant when the fabrics will arrive. Ellesmere told Annie that others said he looked like his father more. His father left when he was little. Annie asked Ellesmere if he has a jade which is parent gave him and if he has a crush on any female. Annie stayed in Myolie’s room while Myolie hangs out with Ellesmere. Ellesmere picked up some papaya with Myolie. A villager complimented Myolie being lucky since Ellesmere knows how to choose papayas. Ellesmere carries the enormous rock and won the pair of jades for Myolie. People made fun of Ellesmere of being literate not knowing how to write his name. Myolie gave a piece of jade to Ellesmere to keep for memories. A boss reminded the fabrics will be delivered tomorrow. Louise came and told Ronald that he dyed the wrong color on the fabric. Ronald told Louis he dyed the color based on what’s written the paper.





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