Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 39 recap

Siu Bo opened the painting which the majesty sent him. The idea of the painting was for Siu Bo to spend more time in the temple to gain the relationship with the monks then he can order them to protect Shunzhi. Ah Ke stared at the plants in the treehouse and realized Cheng Hak song haven’t visited the treehouse. Ah Ke’s master looked in Ah Ke’s room and see it still lok the same which means Ah Ke haven’t returned in three days. Ah Ke’s master assumes Ah Ke went to the temple to find troubles with Siu Bo and is spoiled. Ah Ke’s master came and saw Siu Bo and the guards chat with the monks and doubt while the imperial guards go with the monk. Siu Bo pray at the temple that his task will be done faster so he will stop being a monk. Siu Bo misses Ah Ke. Siu Bo chased Seung Yee asking her to let him kiss her.

The Tibetan monks surrounded Shunzhi’s temple. Siu Bo pray and asked Sunzhi if they would die with the Tibetan Monks. Siu Bo suggests the monks to leave. Shunzhi said even if he run away, the Tibetan Monks would still search for him. Shunzhi said he will let the Tibetan kidnap him on behalf of the monks. Shunzhi said even if he dies one thousand times he still cannot repent his mistake and now it is his chance. Siu Bo ordered the monks to take off their clothes and wear the Tibetan’s clothes. The monks dressed in Tibetan clothes and pretends fighting with other monks. Shunzhi burn himself. The monks froze Shunzhi and threw water on him. They burnt the temple and put on Tibetan clothes for Shunzhi and left the temple. Shunzhi saw the burnt house and thought Siu Bo is in danger. Siu Bo and the monks encountered Do Lung and the imperial guards. Do Lung told Siu Bo that the majesty is on the way to the temple to pray. Siu Bo asked Do Lung to arrest the Tibetans for merit. Seung Yee hid behind the bush and saw the Tibetan Monks coming.

Siu Bo heard the majesty coming and pretends to take out a knife and ordered the imperial guards to guard the temple. The majesty knocked on the door. The elder monk said Shunzhi is resting and don’t want to be disturbed. Siu Bo saw Hong Hei teared up and pretends to cry and asked why he’s so miserable as an orphan. The monk opened the door for the majesty. Emperor Hong Hei came in the room and held on to Shunzhi. Hong Hei begged Shunzhi to come back to the palace to regain his status as the emperor. Shunzhi said he’s always been blinded by love and left the world. He doesn’t want to be affected by love because he doesn’t know what other mistakes he will make. It is destined they are to meet today. Fortune is like dust for him. Shunzhi begs Hong Hei to grant him this wish to stay at the temple. Shunzhi told Hong Hei that thought Empress Dowager made a mistake but she did raise him and asked him not to use force.

Shunzhi told Hong Hei a secret about the manuels. A long time ago, there’s a treasure cave, and a map of treasure kept by the captain of the north. There’s eight pieces of the map and each piece is hidden in each of the manuels. The flag captain didn’t tell his children where’s the cave of treasure so they would enjoy their life as manchus, and to guard the cave. There are more hans than the manchu, and the captain worried that they may lose, so he kept the treasure cave a secret in case they need to use it. Only the majesty is allowed to know where is the cave of treasure. Hong Hei asked Shunzhi that the Empress Dowager kept on searching for the manuels. Shunzhi said he told the Empress Dowager that secret so she can send the message to him. Emperor Shunzhi told Hong Hei that the hardest thing is forgiveness, if he wants to be a god emperor, he has to learn to forgive. Shunzhi told Hong Hei that their fate has ended now and he doesn’t nee to bring guards to protect him.



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