Madam White Snake 2001 episode 15 recap

The eunuch brought the poems for the majesty and left. The majesty followed the eunuch. The white snake’s friend arrived. Xu Xian drank wine with the white snake. The white snake drank wine and pretends to faint and play along with Xu Xian’s scheme. The majesty wakes his eunuch and said he’s been sleepwalking and went to his room. The white snake’s friend possessed the eunuch’s body and told the majesty that he heard that Xu Xian’s poem was the best among the scholars. The white snake has been hurt. A mythical creature took the white snake’s soul out of her body and told the white snake that the wine she drank isn’t a normal wine and she will appear in her snake form in three hours. Xu Xian tries to rape the white snake but stopped. The majesty read the poems and found Xu Xian’s poem the best but his personality stinks. The majesty doubt if he should choose the winner based on the personality or the talent.

The white snake wakes up and accused Xu Xian of raping her. Xu Xian said he thought of raping her but he didn’t. He’s afraid if he fails the scholar exam, she would leave him. Xu Xian wanted to suicide. The white snake told Xu Xian that love isn’t everything and he should focus on his studies. Xu Xian hugged the white snake and said as long as she stays with him, he will have a way to make her fall in love with him. The majesty reads Xu Xian’s poem and found it good and wonder if it is petty of him for not letting him win the scholar exam. The eunuch told the majesty that since Xu Xian is against him then it will be hard for him to be a magistrate. The majesty said Xu Xian didn’t commit any crime but he just despite his attitude. The majesty told the eunuch that if he can punish Xu Xian, he can also choose him as the winner. The white snake’s friend sneaks in the majesty’s room. Xu Xian promised the white snake he will try harder to pass the scholar exam in three years. The white snake told Xu Xian to not live for others. Xu Xian asked the white snake to promise not to leave him.

The majesty’s eunuch went to the restaurant and announced Xu Xian as the first place winner in the scholar exam. The eunuch congratulates Xu Xian of getting first place. The majesty invited Xu Xian and another scholar and said he picked two scholars as the winner because he didn’t know who to choose. One have great personality but lack of talent and the other is talented but lack of personality. The majesty asked Xu Xian and the scholar to fight with each other and whoever wins will be the magistrate. Xu Xian asked the majesty if he is joking. The white snake’s friend watches the fight. Xu Xian’s servant asked the white snake if the majesty is playing Xu Xian. Xu Xian arrived covered with bandages and asked the white snake to guess who won the fight. Xu Xian said he won the fight. The white snake held on to Xu Xian’s arm and teared up. The white snake yelled at her friend for punching Xu Xian badly. The white snake’s friend asked the white snake if she fell for Xu Xian. The white snake’s friend said he possessed the scholar’s body to play him. The white snake said she is sure that Xu Xian will court other females once he becomes the magistrate but since her friend interfere with her plan, he caused Xu Xian to fall for her.

Xu Xian wakes up and told the white snake he’s worried she will leave him after she sees him crippled. Xu Xian’s servant closed the door and said Xu Xian and the white snake is a couple and he should step back. Xu Xian kissed the white snake. They kissed and the white snake pushed Xu Xian and left. The white snake intimately thought about Xu Xian. The white snake’s soul told the white snake she got lost in Xu Xian’s trap. Taishi returned back to the palace and told the majesty his concern about the world and others gossip about him order two scholar to fight with each other for the scholar exam winner which is a laughing stock.






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