Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 40 recap

Duke of Mt.Deer 98 is kinda related to Perish in the Name of Love. It’s the period after the Qing Dynasty successfully overthrew the Ming Dynasty. There’s the anti-Qing and the story of Ng Sam Kwai and Chen Yuen Yuen. Princess Cheung Ping is Ah Ke’s master in Duke of Mt.Deer 98.

Hong Hei bowed in front of Shunzhi. Hong Hei told Siu Bo that he’s good but he doesn’t need to protect him. Siu Bo told Hong Hei he needs to arrest the Tibetan Monks for assassinate Shunzhi. Hong Hei doubts who told the Tibetan monks about Shunzhi staying at the temple. Hong Hei assumes either it is Empress Dowager or Ng Sam Kwai. Hong Hei worries that Empress Dowager will overthrow him. Hong Hei invested money in the temple. Ah Ke’s master barged out from behind the statue and fought with the guards and took Siu Bo away.

Ah Ke’s master asked Siu Bo about his identity and why does he has to help the evil. Siu Bo said he killed Ao Bai and made friends with Seung Yee’s master. Ah Ke’s master asked Siu Bo why did he become a monk. Siu Bo said Emperor Hong Hei ordered him to be a monk. Ah Ke’s master asked Siu Bo why did he make friends with her enemy. Siu Bo mumbled that the majesty is his best friend. Siu Bo said the majesty promised to not raise the taxes for three years. The majesty has ordered him to kill Ao Bai. If she kills the majesty, the the Empress Dowager will take the reign and the world will be ruin. Ah Ke’s master asked Siu Bo why must she kill Empress Dowager. Siu Bo said Empress Dowager ordered the guards to dig out the graves of the Ming, and the Chu royalty must be sentenced to death. Ah Ke’s master pushed the grave. Siu Bo told Ah Ke’s master he persuaded the majesty by saying that the world belongs to the manchu but if they die, the hans may revenge. The majesty spent his money to build the grave of the Ming. Siu Bo pretends to say that his parents were killed by the manchu and refused to return to the palace.

Ah Ke sits in the restaurant waiting for Cheng Hak Song. Ah Ke sneaks in her master’s room and opend the cover of the tablet and read that is belongs to the deceased Ming Emperor. Siu Bo ordered plenty of food for Ah Ke’s master. Siu Bo and Ah Ke’s master walked to toward the tree where Emperor Chongzhen hung up himself. Ah Ke’s master bowed and teared up while looking at the tree. Ah Ke’s master wants to sneak in the palace.

Kin Ning searched in the majesty’s room and found the manuel. Kin Ning asked Do Lung if Siu Bo is missing. Kin Ning asked Hong Hei if Siu Bo is in danger. Hong Hei said he sent Siu Bo on a mission and didn’t receive his message so he was worried about his whereabout. Do Lung asked the majesty for permission to leave the palace to search for Siu Bo. The majesty warned the officials not to tell out about this incident for Siu Bo’s safety.




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