Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 41 recap

Songgotu and the officials thought of ways to search for Siu Bo. The three offcials drank the wine and fell asleep. Princess Kin Ning tied up the three officials and served them worms. Princess Kin Ning said she’ll play a game with them and if they answer the questions wrong they’ll have to eat the worms. Prince Kang asked a question. Kin Ning inserted a worm in Prince Kang’s mouth. Kin Ning asked the officials where did the majesty sent Siu Bo and what happened to Siu Bo. The officials said Siu Bo been kidnapped. Princess Kin Ning showed them a poisonous spider and placed it in the official. The official told Kin Ning everything. Kin Ning greets the majesty and said if she knew Siu Bo was in trouble, she would have asked for two lucky charm for him. Kin Ning begs the majesty to rescue Siu Bo. The majesty asked Princess Kin Ning if she likes Siu Bo. Kin Ning said Siu Bo is the only person who plays with her in the palace. Ah Ke’s master leads Siu Bo in the palace and he was surprised she knew the direction so well and she must be a concubine previously. Ah Ke’s master looked around the room and said the locations of the furniture is still the same. Siu Bo asked Ah Ke’s master if she wants to meet his master who is also from the Ming Dynasty. Siu Bo greets his master and showed Ah Ke’s master to his master. Siu Bo’s master bowed in front of Ah Ke’s master whom is Princess Cheung Ping. Siu Bo’s master told Ah Ke’s master to assassinate the Empress Dowager to force her to hand out the manuels.

Siu Bo and her master and Ah Ke’s master eavesdrop at Kin Ning giving the manuels to Empress Dowager. Kin Ning asked Empress Dowager permission to marry her off to Siu Bo. Empress Dowager forbids and asked Kin Ning to leave. Ah Ke’s master went in Empress Dowager’s room and held the manuel and asked Empress Dowager what secret does the manuel contains. Ah Ke’s master fought with Empress Dowager. Ah Ke’s master punched Empress Dowager and recognized her martial arts of Holy Dragon Sect and asked how she is related to the Holy Dragon Sect. Empress Dowager told Ah Ke’s master she’s not the real Empress Dowager and she’s a Ming. The fake empress dowager wiped off her mask using the water. The fake empress dowager said after her parents died, she served the empress dowager so she is familiar with her actions. After assassinating the empress dowager, she changed the servants and maid and barely went out. The fake empress dowager said Kin Ning is her daughter with a han. Siu Bo assumes that Kin Ning is the daughter of the male who disguised as the fake empress dowager’s maid which explains why her personality is so spoiled. The fake empress dowager opened the cover behind the bed and revealed the real empress dowager in coma to Ah Ke’s master. Ah Ke’s master asked the fake empress dowager what did she want to get from the real empress dowager. The fake empress dowager said only the real empress dowager knows where the cave of treasure is so she’s been searching for the manuels. Ah Ke’s master told the fake empress dowager how to heal herself but from now on she will lose her martial arts and if she uses any martial arts, her organs will be injured. Siu Bo thought in his mind and laughed happily that she can’t harm him no more.

Siu Bo opened the chest in the fake empress dowager’s room and found some golds. Ah Ke’s master asked Siu Bo’s master to reserve it for the Ming. Ah Ke’s master read the poem about reducing taxes and said she doesn’t believe in atmosphere. Siu Bo thought in his mind that it is good since she won’t touch the grave of Hong Hei’s friend. Siu Bo doubts what’s so special about the manuel. Ah Ke’s master wiped the manuel with the fire and said the secret may be in inside.




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