Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 43 recap

Siu Bo uses the pearls to create face masks and suggests Ah Ke’s master to try it. Siu Bo told Ah Ke’s master that it is lucky she didn’t teach Ah Ke martial arts or he would have been killed. Siu Bo sighed that even he put on the face mask, he wouldn’t look as good as Cheng Hak Song. Ah Ke’s master asked Ah Ke how did she met Cheng Hak Song. Siu Bo bowed in front of Ah Ke’s master and wants her to accept him as her disciple. Ah Ke’s master told Ah Ke that Siu Bo used to be kidnap in the palace to be an eunuch. Ah Ke hung out with Siu Bo. Siu Bo told Ah Ke that Cheng Hak Song isn’t a good guy since he left her when she fainted at the temple. Ah Ke took Siu Bo to a deserted wood and warn him to disappear in front of her. Ah Ke chased Siu Bo in the restaurant. Siu Bo opened the door and a wind blew on them and Siu Bo tripped on Ah Ke. Ah Ke’s master fought with the Tibetan monks. Siu Bo and Ah Ke eavesdrop them fighting. Siu Bo took his knife and stabbed the monk behind the wall.

Ah Ke’s master got injured. Siu Bo and Ah Ke took the tibetan monk and their master on the horse sedan chair. Siu Bo gave his master an imperial medicine. Siu Bo scared the Tibetan monk by saying he will plant him like a tree. The tibetan monk said his master sent him to get the manuel. Siu Bo told the monk he will chop his fingers and toes. The tibetan monk said there are also five other monks besides him and his master.

Siu Bo suggests his master to disguise as and elder lady and he and Ah Ke pretends to be a couple. Ah Ke complains. Ah Ke’s master suggest them to pose as her grandchildren. Cheng Hak Song met Ah Ke at the teahouse. Siu Bo suggests Cheng Hak Song to leave since there are five tibetan monks who will assassinate his master. Cheng Hak Song said he will protect Ah Ke and get rid of the monks. Cheng Hak Song said he is the second prince of Taiwan and his masters are skilled. Siu Bo wonder if Ah Ke or Cheng Hak Song’s martial art is more skilled. Ah Ke said Cheng Hak Song. Siu Bo teased Ah Ke that she admits that her master’s martial arts isn’t as strong as Cheng Hak Song. Cheng Hak Song asked Ah Ke and her master to watch the discussion between the heroes fighting with Ng Sam Kwai. The Tibetan monks fought with Cheng Hak Song’s guards. A Tibetan monk defeated Cheng Hak Song’s men.




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