Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 44 recap

The Tibetan monks punched Cheng Hak Song. Ah Ke’s master punched back and try to stall time since she is also injured. Siu Bo went in the kitchen insert some powders in the wine. The Tibetan Monks drank the wine. Siu Bo watches the monk pulling Ah Ke. Siu Bo was surprised the sleeping powder didn’t work. He uses his knife and stab the monk from the back and grabbed Ah Ke. The monks fainted. The monk wakes up and threw water on the other monks. Siu Bo went back in the horse sedan chair pretending to tell the monk he’s releasing him. Siu Bo stabbed the monk multiple times. Siu Bo stabbed the horse. The horse left with the sedan chair. Siu Bo ran and told Ah Ke and her master that the monks is on their way. In the hay Siu Bo uses the monk’s chopped arm to touch Ah Ke’s butt and pretends to ask Cheng Hak Song why did he touched him. The monks arrived. Siu Bo stabbed the monk using the knife and pretends to praise Ah Ke’s master for it. Siu Bo told the monks that Ah Ke’s master killed their buddies, and if he doesn’t want to get killed then he should leave. Siu Bo asked Cheng Hak Song to hand out the manuel. Siu Bo claimed he saw Cheng Hak Song hiding the manuel underground. Ah Ke came out of the hay and said Cheng Hak Song didn’t do it.

Ah Ke’s master gave Siu Bo the fabric from the manuel and asked him to find a way to escape and reform the Ming. Siu Bo asked the monks to fight with him. Siu Bo uses the first move on the monk and took a knife and stab him on the stomach and told the monks that he only started punching and the monk died. Siu Bo told the monk he has a protective jacket so don’t punch him on the head. The monks tried to hit Siu Bo on the head and Siu Bo uses the knife and stab on the monk’s stomach and the monk died. The last monk remaining burnt the warehouse and took Cheng Hak Song out. Siu Bo pour the poison on the chopped monk’s arm and wiped the manuel on it and threw it to the monk. THe monk held the manuel and got affected the poison and chopped his right arm. Siu Bo and Ah Ke and her master escape the fire. Ah Ke’s master told Siu Bo that this method can only be used on their enemies when they have no way out.

Cheng Hak Song leads Ah Ke and her master and Siu Bo to the ceremony. Cheng Hak Song and the sect discuss ways to take Ng Sam Kwai down. The sect members nominate Cheng Hak Song as their leader. Siu Bo came and nominated Chan Kan Nam and the sect members follow the crowd. Ah Ke watch Siu Bo giggle and said she knows he is happy about Cheng Hak Song not being nominated being the leader. Siu told Ah Ke that he saw Cheng Hak Song chatting with a pretty girl and said he will bring her to Taiwan. Ah Ke’s master asked Ah Ke if she fell for Cheng Hak Song. Siu Bo said Cheng Hak Song is a playboy and have four pretty ladies. Siu Bo sits with the Heaven and Earth Sect and heard Cheng Hak Song told the members that Chan Kan Nam still have to listen to him in Taiwan so he doesn’t need to fight with him for the lead. The Heaven and Earth sect fought with Cheng Hak Song’s men and said they will kidnap Cheng Hak song for ransom.




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