Under the Veil episode 4 recap

The majesty ordered Official Hong to go to Fung Sam’s house with the imperial guards. So Tse dressed up as a male in place of her brother Fung Sam visiting the majesty. The majesty and the officials were surprised Fung Sam wasn’t injured. General Song pretends to ache his stomach and left. So Tse and her father return home seeing their home being a mess. Cheung Chun told So Tse that General Song came searching for Fung Sam. General Song and his father barged in Fung Sam’s house to see Fung Sam. Yee Tan saw So Tse getting out from Sum Yeung’s house invisibly. General Song went in Fung Sam’s room and saw So Tse’s maid. General Song asked So Tse (thinking she was Fung Sam) where is her sister. General Song told So Tse that she looks like her sister. So Tse whispered to General Song that she used to think he looks like a rate but now he resembles a snake more. General Song told his father they must find the real Fung Sam and kill him.

So Tse showed Cheung Chun her invisibility cloak and leads him to her brother. The sky appears to get dark. General Song saw So Tse and followed her. So Tse and Cheung Chun watches her master perform magic in the woods. So Tse saw Fung Sam and asked Cheung Chun to leave while she sidetracks him. Cheung Chun ran and slid down. So Tse fought with General Song. Cheung Chun saw Fung Sam’s master used power on Fung Sam, and he hit Fung Sam’s master using the branch. So Tse came and told Cheung Chun that Fung Sam’s master was not trying to hit him but he was healing him. Fung Sam’s master asked Cheung Chun to fight with him. Cheung Chun refuses. Fung Sam’s master punched Fung Sam to heal his injuries. Fung Sam’s master told So Tse that others can see her in the invisible cloak when it is sunny. Cheung Chun told Fung Sam he’s leaving to see his fiance Miss Hong and he reminded So Tse to be careful. Cheung Chun and So Tse watches Fung Sam’s master perform a spell on the brush. Eliza asked the turtle to give the bamboo stick to Cheung Chun to return it to Fung Sam.

Seum Yeung showed the painting of So Tse to Yee Tan. Yee Tan back out and freaked out. Yee Tan told Sum Yeung he saw So Tse’s head flowing in the air and she’s a ghost. Yee Tan knocked Sum Yeung down and brought him in the temple. Sum Yeung told Yee Tan that he mistaken Zhong Kui for Judge Luk. Sum Yeung told Yee Tan that even if So Tse is a ghost, he is sure she won’t harm hi. Yee Tan gave the deity some food and wine. The deity got out and shares the food with his knights.

Fung Sam has a dream about Loi Fung sending him news about Prince Shing. Fung Sam’s master went in Fung Sam’s dream. Loi Fung told Fung Sam’s master that Prince Shing is still alive and is trapped in a cave. He must go there before the talisman shuts. Loi Fung cried and begged Little Cloud Sparrow to give her a chance to see Prince Shing to know what he wanted to tell her back then before she left. Fung Sam’s mother asked So Tse to entertain her sister.







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