Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 46 and 47 recap

Siu Bo asked Cheng Hak Song if he wants to be the emperor. Cheng Hak Song said the Chu family’s fate has already ended and when he get rid of the emperor of Qing,the Chu has to thank him. Ah Ke’s master madly left. Ah Ke’s master forbids Ah Ke and Siu Bo to interact with Cheng Hak Song. Ah Ke asked Siu Bo if he knows why her master despite Cheng Hak Song. Siu Bo said Cheng Hak Song is unlikable. Ah Ke’s master said she’s sick and would like to return to the palace to search for the manuels and win back the Ming. Siu Bo doubts if Ah Ke’s master doesn’t like Ah ke because she is jealous of girls who are prettier than her.

Do Lung injured enter the palace. Prince Kang and Songgotu try to wake Do Lung. Do Lung mumbles to the majesty that “Siu Bo doesn’t” and fainted. Kin Ning kicked Do Lung and asked him to wake up. Prince Kang and Songottu doubts if the imperial guards all got killed and Siu Bo isn’t here anymore. Kin Ning Emperor Hong Hei cried about Siu Bo passed away. Siu Bo returns to the palace and the guards trembled thinking he is a ghost. Siu Bo asked the eunuch where’s Hong Hei. Siu Bo slapped the eunuchs and left. Kin Ning does a funeral for Siu Bo. The officials carried the big dice and thanked Siu Bo for pretending to lose gambling. Siu Bo watches the officials complimenting Siu Bo in front of the majesty. Kin Ning let the officials burnt the eunuch refuses to burn the concubines figure. Hong Hei burnt the buns for Siu Bo. Siu Bo came and everyone got scared. Hong Hei looked at Siu Bo’s shadow. Do Lung came and said he wanted to say Siu Bo is fine.

Hong Hei practices fighting with Siu Bo and said he must be having fun out of town so he didn’t want to return to the palace. Siu Bo told the majesty that he’s been beaten by Ah Ke’s master but been saved by Ng Sam Kwai’s guard. Siu Bo said Ah Ke’s master family got killed by the manchus and owes Ng Sam Kwai a favor. Siu Bo said there’s an organization who is planning to assassinate Ng Sam Kwai. the majesty suspects there’s mole in the palace. Siu Bo told the majesty that the Empress Dowager in the palace is fake and the real Empress Dowager is somewhere hidden in the palace. Siu Bo showed the majesty a rat and inserted a bag of rats in Empress Dowager’s room. Siu Bo pretends to chase the rat in Empress Dowager’s room with the majesty. Siu Bo pretends to search in the closet and found a manuel. Siu Bo opened the cover and saw the two sect members from the Holy Dragon Sect and they kicked Siu Bo and escape. Siu Bo showed the real Empress Dowager to the majesty.

Siu Bo told the imperial guards that the majesty was playing tag with Kin Ning. The imperial guard said he did see a male carrying a woman. Siu Bo said there were no assassins. Siu Bo held the sachet which the imperial guard from Seung Yee and feel touched that Seung Yee risk her life in the palace to find him. The Empress Dowager told Hong Hei he can’t spare Kin Ning since she is the daughter of the couples of the Holy Dragon Sect. Siu Bo plead the Empress Dowager to not behead Kin Ning. Empress Dowager suggests the majesty to marry Kin Ning away. Siu Bo held the manuel and got a stomach ache and plans to use the manuel to free Fong Yee and Kim Ping out from the Holy Dragon sect.

The majesty told Siu Bo he plans to marry Kin Ning to Ng Yin Hung. Kin Ning refuses to go to Jiang Nan and get married. Kin Ning slapped the maid and barged in Empress Dowager’s room. Empress Dowager told Kin Ning that it was her idea of marrying her off to Jian Nang. The Empress Dowager forbids Kin Ning to visit her without her consent. Kin Ning tied up a rope and pretends to hang herself in front of Hong Hei. Kin Ning choked while hanging herself and fell down. Hong Hei looked at the rope and told Kin Ning even if she dies, she will bring her body to Jiang Nan. Kin Ning beg the majesty to let Siu Bo leads her to Jiang Nan. Kin Ning sits down and cried.

Siu Bo yelled at the Heaven and Earth Sect members for not finding Seung Yee. Siu Bo opened the tomb and carried the vase and took out the manuel from the vase. Siu Bo heard Cheng Hak Song and his master’s voice. Siu Bo hid in the tomb. Cheng Hak Song and his master search for Chan Kan Nam and approaches the tomb. Cheng Hak Song’s master striked at Chan Kan Nam. Cheng Hak Song confronted Chan Kan Nam of wanting to be the lead. Cheng Hak Song suspects the assassins was sent by Chan Kan Nam to kill him. Cheng Hak Song and his master fought with Chan Kan Nam. Siu Bo threw flour on Cheng Hak Song’s master. Siu Bo placed Cheng Hak Song in the tomb. Chan Kan Nam thanked Siu Bo.The Heaven and Earth Sect went back found one of their members in the tomb and recognized the martial art is from Cheng Hak Song’s master. Siu Bo suggests the Heaven and Earth Sect to leave.

Siu Bo took a knife and sliced the page from the manuel and found some puzzles and wished Seung Yee was here. Hong Hei gave Siu Bo a mission of leading Kin Ning and sent him to search the manuels and believes the fake Empress Dowager possess three of the manuels and killed her maids. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the manuels is in his hands. Hong Hei ordered Siu Bo to find the manuel from Ng Sam Kwai and search for the eight manuels. Hong Hei said if he can find the manuels then he’ll find out who is the heirs of Qing. Siu Bo told Hong Hei he doesn’t need any rewards; he only wants to serve him always. Hong Hei asked Siu Bo if he really meant that. Siu Bo said half of it. Hong Hei and Siu Bo giggled.

Prince Kang told Siu Bo he lost the manuel. Siu Bo gave Prince Kang a manuel. Prince Kang asked Siu Bo to steal the manuel for him and then put it back.







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