Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 48 recap

Siu Bo drew the map of treasure. Songgotu asked Prince Kang if he wanted to give the real manuel to the majesty and the fake manuel to Siu Bo. Siu Bo gave Prince Kang the manuel. Siu Bo gave the two Holy Dragon Sect members two manuels. Siu Bo told the sect members that he found out that the rest of the manuels is in Ng Sam Kwai’s hands so he will go to Jiang Nan. Kin Ning whined how Hong Hei and Empress Dowager has changed attitude toward her. Siu Bo told Kin Ning that many girls fought for Ng Ying Hung so he asked him to lead her. Kin Ning asked Siu Bo to stay with her in Jiang Nan. Hong Hei asked Kin Ning about the missing manuel. Kin Ning said she took it for the Empress Dowager. Kin Ning told Hong Hei he can yell at her if he wants since he won’t be able to do it after today. Hong Hei promised Kin Ning he won’t yell at her anymore. Do Lung and the official congrat Siu Bo for having his own manor. Ah Ke’s master told Siu Bo she and Ah Ke will go to Jiang Nan with him. Ah Ke’s master told Ah Ke they will disguise into concubines and go to Ng Sam Kwai’s mansion. Chan Kan Nam asked Siu Bo to take the chance and persuade Ng Sam Kwai not to rebel.

Siu Bo asked the Holy Dragon Sect members to dressed up as guards and go with him to Jiang Nan. Chan Kan Nam asked Siu Bo to perform his martial art he taught him. Siu Bo practice and got a stomach ache. Chan Kan Nam told Siu Bo he will try to find the medicine when he goes to Taiwan. Siu Bo brought the two Holy Dragon Sect members dressing up as guards and greets Kin Ning. Kin Ning asked Siu Bo why does he always bring those two guards. Kin Ning drank the sour soup. Si Bou fainted and laid down naked. Kin Ning slapped Siu Bo and asked if it was his idea to tell the majesty to marry her off to Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo suggests Kin Ning to kill Ng Ying Hung if she doesn’t want to marry him. Ah Ke and her master eavesdrop at Kin Ning whipping Siu Bo. Ah Ke’s master asked Ah Ke to save Siu Bo. Siu Bo wished he learnt marital arts. Kin Ning placed Siu Bo’s braid on the candle. Siu Bo screams for help. Ah Ke’s master pushed Ah Ke in the room. Ah Ke fought with Kin Ning and cut the rope and free Siu Bo. Siu Bo was about to place the sock in Kin Ning’s mouth. Kin Ning deals with Siu Bo to serve him. Ah Ke peeked at Siu Bo and Kin King sleeping on the bed. Siu Bo told Ah Ke’s master that Kin Ning’s sleeping powder was so strong so he couldn’t wake up. Siu Bo told Ah Ke’s master that Kin Ning seems to know that they have hurt the fake Empress Dowager.




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