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Brick Slaves episode 8 recap

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Vincent treats Eliza to diner and gave her a western medicine. Annie ate with her boyfriend and saw Vincent eating with Eliza and was displeased. Vincent found Eliza’s ringtone cute. Eliza said it was a piece of piano she played. Vincent cheers up her friend after fighting with her fiance. Selena’s friend and her boyfriend patches up. Selena told them that she will pay for the wedding renovation and it will be a gift for them. The student sneaked out while Selena perform the piano lesson. Eliza found the kid folding the music sheet into a paper plane and told him to not waste the music sheet like that. Eliza and Selena befriend each other. Selena told Eliza she’ll give her a discount if she take piano lessons in her place. Selena cooked diner. Vincent returns home seeing the kitchen in a mess. Vincent wiped up the food on the floor. Vincent made a new rule of not allowing female to go into the kitchen without him.

Rachel served her mother spongecakes in the restaurant and noticed her mother’s hand trembled. Rachel’s mother told Rachel and Evergreen Mak that she sleep too long so her shoulder got slanted. Rachel’s mother told Evergreen Mak and Rachel that she booked a Korean Tour. Evergreen Mak mentioned about Korean festivals. Rachel and her mother talk about kpop idol line up.

Model Nana’s manager Calvin came in Evergreen Mak’s firm to do business with them. Eliza visits Selena in her house and said a man caused her to learn piano. Eliza talked about how Vincent always take good care of her. Selena told Eliza that music is an escape from her life and she plays to relax her mind. Selena complains to Eliza about her roommate picking on her and her and banned her from the kitchen. Eliza hopes no girl will like him. Selena hopes he will become a monk. Eliza met Nana as her new neighbor. As Dor Dor fixes the computer for Nana, she asked him about Eliza. Dor Dor told Nana that Eliza is an intern in the company and Kiki is very good to her and lends her the flat for half of the price.

Rachel’s mother got injured by being pushed during the line up for the kpop ticket. Rachel suggests to Evergreen Mak to let her parents stay with them.

Annie gave Selena her wedding invitation and said she’s getting married next month and she quit her job for her fiance. Annie said she wouldn’t have met her fiance without Vincent. Annie wants Selena to play the piano for her wedding. Selena said her student has to attend a concert in Macau so she can’t come. Annie asked Selena how’s Vincent and she saw him with his girlfriend in the restaurant. Selena said she doesn’t think Vincent has a girlfriend.

Selena gave Vincent the bills. Vincent saw the postcard of Annie and Billy getting married and sadly walked in the kitchen. Selena gave Vincent a ticket from her student’s parent of the food expo. Vincent’s colleagues wine about financial troubles. Nana and Calvin invited Vincent and his colleagues to a housewarming party. Selena surprisingly met Vincent on the street. Vincent saw Annie left her fiance’s car. Vincent came up and put on the vest around Annie. Selena watches Vincent cutting the cucumber and warned him that he almost cut himself. Annie tried on her wedding dress. Selena told Annie that she should make the decision of choosing either pearl or diamond. Annie gave the bag and asked Selena to return the jacket to Vincent. Annie promised not to call Vincent again. Billy gave Annie a bouquet of flowers and kissed her and apologized to her. The phone rang and Annie turned it off. Selena returned the jacket to Vincent and suggest him to be a chef at her place. C-Kwan gave Vincent a glass of mineral water at the bar. Vincent asked C-Kwan for five thousand dollars but he gave him five hundred.

The next morning, Rachel went to the bathroom and saw her father in the toilet without closing the door. Dor Dor saw his grandma wearing his jersey. Rachel’s father took the chairs to the park. Dor Dor’s gandpa picked up two chairs from the garbage can. Dor Dor’s grandma soaked Dor Dor’s jeans in the water. Dor Dor’s grandpa broke the glass and apologized for mistaken detergent for cream. Rachel madly called Evergreen Mak to come home. Eliza brought Selena to Nana’s party. Nana gave Eliza a drink of red wined and complimented her chinese. Eliza said she studied translation. Nana asked Eliza about Kiki. Evergreen Mak told Dor Dor if his mother knows he went to the party with Eliza, he will get in trouble. Eliza introduced Vincent to Selena. Selena and Vincent drink with each other. Nana placed the ring in the toothbrush. While Eliza threw up in the toilet, Nana pushed Eliza and the ring fell down. Vincent picked it up. Selena went to the restroom and threw up and the ring fell in the toilet and she flushed. Vincent said it is fake but Nana denied. Nana give Eliza one week to pay back a half million dollars for the ring.






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