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Thief of Honour episode 12 recap

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Noel demanded Ekin to return her shirt. Ekin told Noel he knows she sewed the clothe for several nights. Ekin said he’ll leave the town since he doesn’t like his grandfather. Ekin’s friend gave Ekin’s grandpa a sliver and and a bag of medicine and said Ekin doesn’t want to see him again. The king’s uncle waits for Eking’s grandpa to come. Ekin’s grandpa chopped his left arm using the dagger injuredly told the prince’s uncle he is crippled due to practicing martial arts so he couldn’t go with him to see the Mongolian Majesty. EKin heard others talk about his grandpa being a hero sacrificing his arm. The cashier’s nice asked Ekin to visit his grandpa. Ekin eavesdrop on soem men leaving his grandfather’s house. Noel asked Ekin why won’t he visit his grandfather. Ekin punched on the tree. Noel told Ekin that the king’s uncle spares his life because his grandpa promised him that he will go to Monglia. Ekin bumped his head on the treee and asked why is his grandpa so nice to him but cold to his parents.

The cashier’s nice asked Dicky why doesn’t he care for his grandfather. Noel searched for Ekin and saw him in the kitchen and asked him why it was so hard to find him. Ekin’s grandpa yelled at Dicky for not practicing martial arts while he is injured. The cashier’s nice asked Dicky to seriously practice martial arts. Dicky’s father watches Dicky practice martial arts during the night. Eking’s grandfather plan to close down the martial arts house if Dicky still won’t practice. Dicky’s father and grandfather watches Dicky training the students martial arts. Dicky practice martial arts with his grandfather and he saw his improvement. Dicky put the hairpin on the cashier’s niece.

Noel met Ekin. Ekin left. Noel asked Ekin why does he always avoid her. Ekin told Noel they arent’ made for each other. Noel told Ekin she knows she can’t cook or aren’t nice as the cashier’s nice. Noel told Ekin if he doesn’t want to see her, she won’t meet him again. Ekin’s friend told Ekin that Noel is a pretty good girl always helping him such as sewing clothes for him and rescuing him out of jail. Ekin waits for Noel in front of her house and asked her to hang out with him eating buns. Ekin showed the shirt she sewed for him which is what he’s wearing. The king’s uncle tries to find the seal and gave the task for Noel’s father. The cashier’s nice and the rebel plans to steal the seal from the king’s uncle if ever find it. Noel watch Ekin rehearsing martial arts and fought with Ekin. Noel pretends to fall and beat Ekin. Noel told Ekin he needs to use tricks. Noel showed the manuel from her father to Ekin. The cashier saw Ekin leave from the prince’s uncle backdoor.

The cashier’s niece asked Ekin to get news about the seal from Noel’s father. Ekin hesitate. Noel held the manuel and saw Ekin talking to the cashier’s niece. Noel asked Ekin if Dicky and the cashier’s niece break up. Noel told Ekin she will go out to get some tea and she reminds him not to touch the vase since it contains all of her father’s manuels. Ekin and the cashier’s nice dressed up in the black suit and sneak in Noel’s father’s room during the night opening the vase. Noel went to her father’s room and fought with Ekin and the cashier’s nice and asked about their identity and why they are here. The guards chased Ekin and the cashier’s niece. Noel got mad at Ekin. Noel told Ekin though she doesn’t agree with what her father said, he shouldn’t have used her to get news of her father. Noel cried and told Ekin she won’t sue the cashier’s nice. Ekin reads the manuel and thought about Noel. Ekin waits for Noel in front of her house for three days. Noel madly rode the horse. Ekin held on to the rope on the horse and told Noel that he didn’t use her. Noel stepped down and asked Ekin why is he so naive. Ekin told Noel he knows she likes him but he didn’t mean to use her.





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