Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 49 recap

The two sect members gave Siu Bo that abortion antidote. Siu Bo asked the two sect member about if they’ve seen Fong Yee and Kim Ping. Kin Ning told Siu Bo if he fails to kill Ng Ying Hung, she will tell Ng Sam Kwai that he raped her. The imperial guards saw Siu Bo in the room and pretends not to see anything.

Ng Sam Kwai asked his son if he knows why Hong Hei married off Kin Ning to him. Ng Sam Kwai said Hong Hei needs his troop. Ng Sam Kwai believes Siu Bo is greedy and he can bribe him. Siu Bo congrats Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo watch Ng Sam Kwai and asked Ng Ying Hung if the guard looks like Ng Sam Kwai but Ng Sam Kwai has more aura. Siu Bo said that the guard massaged him so great. Siu Bo told Ng Sam Kwai that he found out that the rebel rumors are fake. Siu Bo said Ng Sam Kwai’s room isn’t as elegant as the palace. Ng Sam Kwai told Siu Bo he will be more careful spending money when Kin Ning gets married to his son. Siu Bo told Ng Sam Kwai that spending money is the joy of life. Ng Ying Hung gave Siu Bo a chest of gold. Siu Bo wonder why Ng Sam Kwai sent his guard friend on a mission. Siu Bo ordered the Heaven and Sword sect members to find his guard friend.

Kin Ning showed Siu Bo a set of bottle of poison and spider to get rid of Ng Ying Hung. Kin Ning hugged Su Bo and refused to marry Ng Ying Hung.

The Heaven and Earth Sect members showed Siu Bo his guard friend. Siu Bo saw his guard friend in the cauldron with his arm and feet chopped. Siu Bo pointed a knife at the guard and asked him to tell him why did he harmed his guard friend. guard said it was under Ng Sam Kwai’s order since the guard made friend with him. Siu Bo posed as Ng Sam Kwai’s son and talk to the Mongolian guard.Siu Bo showed his guard friend in the cauldron to the Mongolian guard and asked him how many wrong things did his friend guard said. The Mongolian asked Siu Bo to collaborate with him and Ng Sam Kwai to rebel. The Mongolian mentioned about Holy Dragon Sect. Siu Bo ordered the Heaven and Earth Sect member to watch the Mongolian guard. Siu Bo punched the guard angrily and and ordered him to bring the guard’s body and say he’s sick. Siu Bo told the Heaven and Earth Sect Member that the guard will eventually be in trouble if Ng Sam Kwai found out he told him everything. Siu Bo said he’s more worried about the Mongolian guard. The Heaven and Earth Sect member showed his wound caused by the French Bomb. Ng Sam Kwai invited Siu Bo to visit him. Siu Bo held the manuel.




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