HK-Korean Drama Expression

With or Without You episode 1 recap

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Bobby and Joey chilling through the river. Bobby made a metaphor of his pointed hat helps him pass through the wind while the pointed boat passes through the waves. Joey named the hat Zizhan. Bobby and joey ordered braised fish and hundred flower wines in the restaurant. The servant apologized that the hundred flower wins was sold the the gentleman (Joel). Bobby and Joey watches Joel reciting riding horse and shooting arrows line. Joey wants to compete with Joel for the wine. Bobby and Joel recite poems. Bobby made up the finished poem and Joel was impressed. Bobby asked Joel to share the wine with him. While eating and drinking, Bobby said the fish smells fishy but the eyes shows it is fresh. Joel told Bobby he’s lucky to have a beautiful and smart wife. Joey said Bobby is her first’s cousin’s husband. Bobby said his deceased wife asked Joey to look after him.

Bobby sighed he couldn’t find a top restaurant in Runzhou. Bobby told the servant there will be a white dragon appearing tonight. Bobby and Joey took a bath next to each other and got distracted by a demon and saw each other and scream. Joey told Bobby if a man sees a female’s body he should marry her. Bobby said if a male sees a female body, she has to kill herself. Bobby pretends to be blind and walked. Bobby ordered crab in the restaurant but they didn’t have. The guards came to the restaurant. Bobby told the guards there’s no demon, it is a white flying which god want to warn the people to do good deeds. The guards want to arrest Bobby to create false rumors. Joel and Joey asked the guards if they know who Bobby is. Joey told the guards the majesty ordered Bobby to look for delicious food. Joey said Bobby is Imperial Academic Magistrate, the king of food. The majesty asked Bobby to pick up the firecracker. The eunuch picked it up and it didn’t explode. The majesty asked Bobby how does he knows there’s no fire demon. Bobby suspects that their armies were deveolping weapons against the Liao since the creatures where dead when he checked. The bomb dropped and killed many fishes. The majesty ordered Bobby to bring him the most delicious crab.

The princess refused to sit with Bobby because he’s fat. The dish revealed was the tofu made of sesame, egg, taro, lotus root, tea, spinach. The majesty tasted the tofu and found it good and rewarded Joey and Bobby a pair of wedding firecrackers. The princess wants one. Bobby said a pair of firecrackers should be a couple. If he gives one away, she will become a widow. The princess demanded Joey to give her the firecracker. Joey tripped and the fire cracker landed in the coals and fire and it exploded. The couple claimed they didnt’ see anything and the wife told the majesty she blinked so long. The majesty punished Joey to stay in the palace for a month. Bobby complimented the princess and the majesty let go of the incident.

Xiao Mei won the fight on the street and received a wedding certificate. Xiao Mei ran into Bobby and said the men cheated her. Joey told the man he didn’t announce to Xiao Mei that he will marry her after this contest.Bobby told the man even if he search a girl to get married, he still can’t marry without the parent’s consent. Joey objects to the marriage. Another female with tiny eyes touched the man. Joey gave Bobby’s daughter a firecracker. Xiao Mei told Bobby’s daughter if Bobby wants to remarry he will ask her for permission. Joel came to Bobby to propose to Joey. Alice met Joel and Bobby and blurted Joey’s name Runzhi. Bobby told Joel he can count on him to ask Joey. Bobby asked Joey if she remembers Joel. Bobby said Joel has fallen for her at first sight. Joey blew on Bobby’s eye. Joe prepared Farewell Chicken for Bobby. Bobby asked Joey why there’s only one chicken Wing. Joey said there used to be a pair, but one ignore the other so it feels lonely. Joey showed another chicken with long neck who is longing for love. Bobby pretends to be fallen drunk. Alice asked Joey if she told Bobby she likes him. Alice told Joey that she told the princess about Joel and she promised she will set her up with him. Alice said the princess always get what she wants. Alice told Joey that if she doesn’t marry Joel, Bobby may lose his job. Bobby’s sisters treated Bobby to layer cakes. Bobby sighed sometimes he doesn’t want Joey to get married. Joey agrees to marry Joel. Bobby asked Joey to be happy since she’s getting married.

Bobby and Joey met Joel at the wagon. Alice came off the wagon and said she’s motion sick. Joel served coriander for Joey for diner. Bobby distract Joel and his family by asking them to look at the lamp which is a bit different. Bobby ate Joey’s coriander for her. During the night, Alice told Bobby that Joey married Joel because he offended the princess. Joel ate the coriander for Joey. Bobby followed Alice carrying two buckets. Bobby saw a madam freakingly asked him to return her baby.





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