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Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 50 recap

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Siu Bo asked Ng Sam Kwai permission to look around his house. Siu Bo complimented Ng Sam Kwai’s tiger fur and antiques andtiger painting and rifles. Siu Bo asked Ng Sam Kwai about Emperor of Ming got hang up. Ng Sam Kwai claimed he’s loyal to Hong Hei. Siu Bo told Ng Sam Kwai that Hong Hei sent an edict to see if he’s a rebel. Siu Bo told Ng Sam Kwai the majesty ordered him to guard the french and Guangzhou territory. Ng Sam Kwai gave Siu Bo a rifle as a gift. Siu Bo stomped on the tiger fur and opened a tile on the floor. Siu Bo tapped on the tile and found the manuel. Siu Bo pretends to take a nap on the tiger fur.

Siu Bo tries to match the puzzle and wish Seung Yee was here. Siu Bo told the Heaven Earth ect if they kill Ng Sam Kwai they can’t get evidence of him rebelling. Siu Bo invited the priest to go to the brothel with him. Siu Bo told Kin Ning that Ng Sam Kwai said Hong Hei married her off because he despite her. Siu Bo said he said Ng Ying Hung is lucky that Hong Hei married the precious Kin Ning to him and if Ng Sam Kwai still criticizes her then he’ll let Kin Ning return back to the palace. Kin Ning showed Kin Ning the french rifles.

A fire alert occurs. Siu Bo said Ng Sam Kwai probably is scared of him revealing the rebel truth to Hong Hei so he came to set up a fire. Siu Bo thought in his mind of the opportunity to frame Ng Sam Kwai raping Siu Bo. Siu Bo saw the guards made a hand signal to Ng Ying Hung while inform him about finish removing the fire. Siu Bo leads Ng Ying Hung to Kin Ning’s room. Kin Ning screams for help. Kin Ning castrated Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo told Kin Ning that if anyone asked about it, she should say that Ng Ying Hung tried to rape her and accidentally hurt himself. A servant told Ng Sam Kwai he heard Kin Ning screaming for help. Ng Sam Kwai got mad asuming his son raped Kin Ning. Ng Sam Kwai asked Siu Bo to not tell this incident to the majesty. Kin Ning pretends to hang herself.



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