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Wuxia- A hard term to use

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I always hesitate to use the word Wuxia in front of my American Friends because it is a chinese word which my friends wouldn’t understand. I often call Wuxia genre “Swordfighting” which helps them understand better since it reminds them of Wuxia movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. LOL Americans grew up watching Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee for Chinese movies instead of Chinese Dramas. Even a tvb fan mistaken Wuxia for a male’s name. She thought Wu is a last name and Xia is his name. Ancient Chinese Series is a more specific term to use than Wuxia but still not enough.

Tips to promote Wuxia.

-Don’t blog about Wuxia Only cause that will lead only to Native fans. If you want to promote Wuxia, you’ll have to promote them with other dramas that Americans would watch such as American movies or kdramas or popular Wuxia movies. For Americans, calling a Wuxia as Chinese Dramas or Swordfighting dramas would be better. Introducing it as Wuxia would only confuse international fans unless you’re Chinese. My cousin and some fans understand the word Swordfighting or Chinese Drama better than Wuxia. You can also use the term martial arts.

-Write the American way; don’t put full of Chinese words or too little english words.

What terms do you usually use to introduce wuxia series to your friends? I’m an American Asian by the way.

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