Things that Wuxia Characters do!

You’ve watched enough Wuxia to notice those routines that Wuxia characters often do in their daily lives.

-Wearing a black Suit when they are on an important mission

-Froze other characters causing them to stay still.

-Eavesdrop on the conversation on the rooftop

-Pointing a sword at their enemies.

– Break the dungeon and rescue their beloved ones.

-Drink Wine and become sworn brothers with other likedminded Wuxia buddies.

-Transfer energy for their loved ones.

-Suck out the poison after they either got bitten by a snake or drank poisonous wine.

-Practicing Martial Arts during their spare time.

Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 8 recap

Wang Yu Yan told Duan Yu after her uncle has passed away, her mother argued with her uncle and didn’t allow Mu Rong Fu to come . Her father passed away when she was born. Wang Yu Yan told Duan Yu her name. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan it would be nice if she could make her smile everyday. Wang Yu Yan said too bad her cousin never teased her. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan he found a cave which has plenty of manuels and saw the goddess sculpture. Wang Yu Yan doesn’t believe it and told Duan Yu she doesn’t like hanging out with tattle tales people. Duan Yu sneaked in Wang Yu Yan’s mother’s room and grabbed the manuel. Wang Yu Yan’s mother told Wang Yu Yan she will chopped the hands of Ah Zhu and the maid tomorrow. Wang Yu Yan told her mother why does she grieve about her uncle and aunt. Wang Yu Yan’s mother said Mu Rong Fu’s got famous due to learning the martial artist from her manuel. Wang Yu Yan asked her mother why do their family have so many manuels. Wang Yu Yan’s mother showed the painting of the goddess sculpture to Wang Yu Yan. Wang Yu Yan asked her mother why the goddess look so much like her. Wang Yu Yan’s mother said thirty years ago, Mu Rong Fu became famous because of this. This is the painting of Wang Yu Yan’s grandmother. When she was a child, she lived in the underground of Dali. Her father loves her a lot. Her father loves her a lot and made a sculpture. When she was eight, her father abandoned her. Her mother searched for her father and fell ill. Her mother brought her to Mo Rong Fu. She was married to the Mo Rung. To compensate for the Mo Rung, she gave the manuels to Mo Rung Fu. She found a lover Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Zhen Jing left her. She won’t trust any male. Wang Yu Yan’s mother told Wang Yu Yan she cannot trust Mu Rong Fu. Wang Yu Yan’s mother told Wang Yu Yan that Mu Rong Fu only cares about the martial arts in the manuel. She has to burn the manuel. Duan Yu came out. Duan Yu ran. Wang Yu Yan told her mother that Duan Yu is a nice gentleman. Wang Yu Yan’s mother told Wang Yu Yan if she till speaks up she will cut the tongues of the two maids. Wang Yu Yan told Duan Yu that her mother wants to chop the two hands of the maids.


Wang Yu Yan asked Duan Yu to save the two maids. Wang Yu Yan and Duan Yu sneak in the cellar to save the maids. The lady sect locked Wang Yu Yan and Duan Yu. Duan Yu grabbed the elder lady on the shoulder and absorbs her power. The elder lady opened the lock. Duan Yu asked the elder lady to unlock Wang Yu Yan. Duan Yu unlocked Wang Yu Yan and the two maids. Duan Yu asked Wang Yu Yan to come with him searching for Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan that Mu Rong Fu has been framed for killing the other sects. Jiu Mo Chi entered a deserted house and fought with a sect member. Wang Yu Yan asked Duan Yu to stop and she introduced the sect member to Wang Yu Yan. The two sect members said they were attacked by a monk. Mu Rong Fu’s servant said Mu Rong Fu is at the temple explaining to the monk about the death of the monk. The servant told Duan Yu he can leave now so Mu Rong Fu won’t misunderstand.


Duan Yu sadly leaves and recite a poem. Duan Yu sits and drink in front of Qiao Feng in the restaurant and sees that Qiao Feng is muscular and doubt if he’s a member of Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu paid for the meal of Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng asked Duan Yu to eat with him. Qiao Feng drinks ten bowls of wine with Duan Yu. Duan Yu let the wine bowl slip down his shirt. Qiao Feng left the restaurant. Duan Yu chases Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng wants a duel with Duan Yu. Duan Yu chases Qiao Feng and slipped. Qiao Feng told Duan Yu that he is talented at a young age and is even younger than Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu asked Qiao Feng if he’s Mu Rong Fu’s servant. Duan Yu introduces himself to Qiao Feng as the prince of Dali. Qiao Feng introduces himself to Duan Yu. Qiao Feng became sworn brothers with Duan Yu. Qiao Feng told Duan Yu that he came here to free the guilt for Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu told Qiao Feng that besides Mu Rong Fu, Jiu Mo Chi also knows the martial arts. Duan Yu went with Qiao Feng and saw Wang Yu Yan. Qiao Feng greets Mu Rong Fu’s servant. Qiao Feng explains told the sect that Jiu Mo Chi knows the martial art used to kill Brother Ma. Mu Rong Fu’s sect fought with Qiao Feng’s sect. Wang Yu Yan told Mu Rong’s Fu sect member the moves while fighting with Qiao Feng’s member. Qiao Feng froze Mu Rong Fu’s sect members. Qiao Feng performed his martial arts. The sect member left. Qiao Feng let Wang Yu Yan and the two maids leave. The beggar sect surrounded Qiao Feng and Wang Yu Yang and the maids. Qiao Feng asked the four leader of the sect what happened. The sect member confronted Qiao Feng for being a cohort with Mu Rong Fu.



Madam White Snake 2001 episode 16 and 17 recap

The majesty got mad at the people blabbing to to Taishi about him. Xu Xian enjoys being served by the prostitutes. A servant told Xu Xian if he likes them, he can give them to him as mistresses. Xu Xian choked. The restaurant owner suggests Xu Xian to marry those two girls after marrying. The royal fathers came to ask Xu Xian to marry their daughters. Taishi came to see Xu Xian. Xu Xian teased Taishi that he’s the royal person that the majesty feared. Taishi told Xu Xian Xian he wanted to apologized on behalf of the majesty that he’s the right scholar winner. Taishi asked Xu Xian if he has a wife. Taishi has a pretty granddaughter whom he wants to introduce to him. Xu Xian told his servant that Taishi wants to introduce a pretty and nice niece for him. The white snake told Xu Xian she wants to leave. Xu Xian told the white snake she has to stay to celebrate for him and Taishi’s niece. Xu Xian’s servant told Xu Xian fickle and don’t respect the white snake. Xu Xian told Taishi too he already have a normal looking fiance. But it is normal to change status and marry a more elegant wife. Xu Xian told Taishi he can’t leave the white snake for his reputation. Xu Xian said he is thinking of poisoning the white snake and tie her up and throw in the sea. Taishi told Xu Xian he can reject instead of being so longwinded. Taishi said he is happy that Xu Xian is a good scholar. Xu Xian plead Taishi to adopt him as his son. Xu Xian knows that Taishi only wants him to side with him so the thought of the idea being Taishi’s godson.


Xu Xian introduced his servant to the two girls. The servant refused to marry the two girls. Xu Xian told the white snake to go to Hangzhou to marry him. The white snake told Xu Xian that though he passed the scholar exam, she couldn’t fall for him. The white snake told Xu Xian he can choose other beautiful girls. Xu Xian told the white snake he is willing to be with her. Xu Xian told the white snake she doesn’t have to marry him but he hopes that she stays so she can treat him. The white snake’s friend yelled atthe white snake why does she still want to stay with Xu Xian after she already managed to help Xu Xian passing the scholar exam. The white snake’s friend told the white snake that Xu Xian isn’t a loyal person. The white snake’s friend told the white snake Xu Xian will forget her. The white snake told her friend she still sees Xu Xian as childish so she wants to stay by him to take care of him. The white snake told her friend to not bother her if he doesn’t agree with her. Su Zhen cried and bowed in front of Magistrate Bai’s room and begged him to see her mother for the last time before the execution. Magistrate Bai told his daughter to see her mother if she wants too. Su Zhen brought noodles for her mother. Su Zhen’s mother said she won’t die easily. She will live for more than one hundred years to see how Magistrate Bai will suffer. Su Zhen told hER mother that her father already posted a warrant to execute her in two days. Su Zhen’s mother asked Su Zhen to save her. Su Zhen’s mother told her daughter to take the evidence of bribery from her father placed under her grandparent’s tablets and give them to a higher ranked officials. Su Zhen’s mother told her daughter that the captain really despite her father and she should give the evidences to him.

Su Zhen opened the drawers under the tablet and found many papers of bribery from her father. Su Zhen held on the evidence and knocked on the captain’s house and left. Su Zhen put the evidence back under the tablet. Su Zhen watched the captain passed by on his horse. Xu Xian greets the white snake out of the sedan chair. Su Zhen called the Captain for innocence. Xu Xia’s servant got freaked out seeing Su Zhen lookalike the white snake. Xu Xian asked the white snake if she has a twin. The white snake told Xu Xian that she knows Su Zhen. The white snake said Su Zhen’s father is a magistrate while she is an orphan. She was raised by a martial artist and lived by using martial arts and commmitted many crime. She got lost and found Su Zhen in a haunted house and used her name in Hangzhou. Su Zhen wakes up and told the white snake she doesn’t have to apologize but she couldn’t believe there’s a girl with the same facial feature as her.


The green snake seduced Jun Bao and hugged him and asked him if he chooses her or follow his religion. The green snake asked Jun Bao tell her he loves her. Jun Bao burned the manuels. The guard begs Magistrate Bai to save him and said Xu Xian is in Hangzhou and demanded him to pay off his gambling debt. The guard asked Magistrate Bai to ask Taishi for help. The white snake told Xu Xian that Su Zhen been crying and calling for innocence. The guard bowed in front of Xu Xian and begs Xu Xian to spare him and he will return the money. Xu Xian lets go of the incidence that he cheated him in the casino and caused him to lose his asset. Xu Xian asked the guard about the case of Su Zhen. Xu Xian asked the guard if he wants to work for him. Xu Xian told the guard to tell him about the background of Magistrate Bai. Magistrate Bai went in the house and saw the white snake and mistaken her for Su Zhen. The white snake told Magistrate Bai that her daughter is over there. Xu Xian told the Magistrate he will investigate this case. Magistrate Bai said his daughter loved her mother so she refused to believe her mother is the killer. Magistrate Bai yelled at his daughter to go home.


Magistrate Bai asked his daughter to kneel. Su Zhen said she has listened to her mother and found the letters. Su Zhen told her father she will give him those letters if he releases her mother. Su Zhen told her father to lave her mother if he wants to live with the green snake. He doesn’t need to fabricate evidence to frame her mother. Magistrate Bai told Su Zhen if he frees her mother he will have mistakes with the maid. Su Zhen asked her father he is innocent why dos he bribe others. Magisrate Bai slapped Su Zhen. Su Zhen cried and told the green snake it would have been great if she doesn’t bug her father. The little boy fairy suggests the green snake to withdraw from the plan since Magistrate Bai greeds power more than lust. The green snake doubts if Jun Bao have fallen for her. The green snake hugged Jun Bao and asked him to leave this town with her. Magistrate Bai angrily saw the green snake holding Jun Bao’s hands.


Xu Xian said Magistrate is suspicious. Su Zhen spluttered and wants to free her mother but wants to protect her father. Xu Xian asked the white snake about her relationship with Su Zhen. The white snake said she used to fight with the green snake but she started to be friends with her. Xu Xian said the green snake has the motive of seducing Magistrate Bai. The white snake said she only knows Jun Bao follows Bhuddism. Xu Xian said Jun Bao is the illegitimate son of Miss Bai and another man before she marries Magistrate Bai. Magistrate listened the the green snake and adopted Jun Bao as his godson. There were rumors of them getting along but no one knows if it’s true. Magistrate Bai told Jun Bao he suspected his wife gave birth to the white snake and he is not sure if Su Zhen is his daughter. Magistrate ordered Jun Bao to kill his wife then he’ll give him his father’s ash. The white snake’s friend invited the white snake for diner. Xu Xian asked the white snake’s friend to guard outside. The white snake’s friend said he needs to eat to have energy to work. The white snake’s friend told Xu Xian if it weren’t for the white snake he wouldn’t respect him. Xu Xian’s servant chooses to cook for Xu Xian instead of relax.


Magistrate Bai gave Jun Bao a wine and asked him to give it to his wife and then hung her. The green snake told Jun Bao she will go with him since she has a sweet boy which can lure Magistrate Bai’s wife.

The white snake’s friend transformed plenty of fireflies for the white snake to enjoy. The white snake told her friend that her mission of being a fairy is their priority. The white snake told her friend he is the best friend of her and like a brother.


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Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 60 recap

The majesty appointed the official as the general leading the army. Ng Ying Hung asked Siu Bo for a favor. Siu Bo thought in his mind if he’s going to ask him to bear a child for him. Ng Ying Hung asked Siu Bo to persuade the majesty to bring the guards to Jiang Nan. While Siu Bo left, Ng Ying Hung smirked and said he will ask his father to attack his territory. Siu Bo bet with Ng Ying Hung to horse racing. Siu Bo gave a farmer staff three hundred thousand taels to poison Ng Ying Hung’s horse. Hong Hei plans to use push the cannons at Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo told Hong Hei that the horses of Jiang Nan run fast and Ng Ying Hung wants to win the horse race to show off. Hong Hei said Ng Sam Kwai plans to escape using the horses.

Hong Hei ordered the guards to close the gate and asked Ng Ying Hung to see him. Hong Hei told Siu Bo to not underestimate Ng Sam Kwai. Do Lung told Hong Hei that Ng Ying Hung has been going hunting. Hong Hei got mad that Ng Ying Hung is on his way to rebel. Hong Hei wrote an order and asked Siu Bo to arrest Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo ordered the guards to arrest the officials. The officals refused to admit they are Ng Sam Kwai’s cohort. The officials doubt how did Ng Ying Hung’s horses got diarrhea. Siu Bo ordered the guards to arrest Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo teased Ng Ying Hung for disguising as a pauper. Siu Bo put on some dirt on his face and told Hong Hei he chased Ng Ying Hung in the mud. He trapped Ng Ying Hung by giving Ng Ying Hung’s horses some beans to eat for them to have diarrhea. Hong Hei plans to let Ng Ying Hung to go back to his house to let Ng Sam Kwai know he was generous to spare him so he can let go of the revenge plan. Siu Bo drank with the officials and sworn to be brothers. The Heaven and Earth Sect returned to Siu Bo’s mansion. Siu Bo told the Heaven and Earth they are going to leave to Guangzhou.



Colourful Life episode 18-19 recap

Madam Ching checked the golden cup and complimented that she will return it to her. Louisa entered Miss Ching’s room and told her honestly that her family is in debt and she pawned the golden cup. Miss Ching told Louisa she is a good girl but she has a flaw that she cares too much about what others think. Madam Ching compared Louisa to a book cover and said even if the cover has changed, the inside will not change. She is still her nice daughter in law. During lunch, the third madam told Louise she heard that her family is in trouble and May stayed here. Louisa admit that her father’s business has went down and she can’t afford bird’s nest anymore. Madam Ching told Louisa that they are family and she will buy bird’s nest for her.


Mark invited Louis to a drink and told him a story of a when a daughter was born, the people placed their wine in the closet. When the daughter get married, they will take out the wine to serve the people. Mark told Louis he met May on the street and had the eye on the same hairpin. Mark complimented May. Mark solved the chess piece for May. Mark played chess with May and asked her to think of how to sole the chess piece. As Louisa counted the silver, Cutie doubted why Florence has more silvers than her. Flornece said her husband is a hard worker. Ronald critique the horse sculpture to the customers. The store owner asked Ronald to buy it since heis store is closing. Cutie showed Ronld the five hairpins she bought for a cheap price. gave Ronald a tiny vase. Cutie followed Ronald and about to kick hte door. Ronald and Cutie eavesdropped on Florence’s maid with Louis. Cutie told Ronald she’ll wait until Florence’s maid is pregnant with Louis then Florence will lose faces. Cutie saw Ronald’s horse sculpture which he bought for hundred thousand taels.

Mark told May that she is a better chess player than him but she lacks confidence. Florence and the third madam accused Louisa of stealing her nutrition. Madam Ching saw Florence and the third madam nitpick on Louisa. Madam Ching warned Florence and the second madam to stop causing rumors. Cutie showed Ronald the nutrition she stole.
May told Annie she wants to go to the bookstore searching for chess books.


Annie bumped into an old lady and bought the frog congee from her. Annie sat on the roof and stared at the scholars reciting poems. Annie dropped the wine and jumped down to pick it up. The basket of frogs fell down and the frogs jumped on the scholars. Frankie helped Annie clean the tables. Frankie and Annie watch the stars. Annie told Frankie about the animals in Tibet. Frankie spent the whole night drawing the painting of farm in Tibet for Annie. Annie thought it would be so wonderful if she could travel to Tibet with Fankie.


The manager is retiring and appointed Ellesmere as the new manager. Ellesmere’s mother go thrilled that Ellesmere got promoted and told the maids that raising kids is hard. Annie and her maid saw Ellesmere’s mother dropped some candles and white papers. Ellesmere’s mother cheers in front of the bandit’s wife’s grave. Ellesmere wrote his name in front of Myolie. Johnny accidentally cut his finger after seeing Annie’s maid. Annie asked about Ellesmere’s mother’s friend. Johnny said she and Ellesmere’s mother gave birth to the babies at the same time. Annie asked Johnny about Ellesmere’s friend’s mother. Johnny said she was dead. Annie’s maid threw soy sauce and pepper at Johnny. Florence and the third madam found a letter under Myolie’s bed from a guy. The third madam asked Myolie who’s his lover and how did he meet him. Myolie cried and refused to tell. The third madam ordered her servant to guard Myolie. Frankie confronted a man for bumping into an elder lady without apologizing. The man beat up Frankie. Annie kicked the man and asked him to apologize to the elder lady. Annie put on the medicine on Frankie. Frankie told Annie she should learn to sew. Annie bet with Frankie in three days she will sew a sac for him.



Wuxia Series Nostalgic

I grew up watching Wuxia and HK Dramas. There will always be Wuxia Series I will always remember. My parents read the wuxia novels but I didn’t. Hope this post will let you know about my childhood a little bit better.

Here are the Wuxia Series which I grew up watching with my family.

Once Upon a Time in China 1993 starring Vincent Zhao


Justice Bao 1993, Kenny Ho as Zhan Zhao rocks

Demi God and Semi Devil 96. ❤ Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan


For modern dramas, Looking Back in Anger, A good match from Heaven, and Romance Beyond marks my childhood memories.

What are your childhood Wuxia Series? I heard from many Wuxia fans their favorite are Journey to the West 96 and State of Divinity 96. I did asked my few wuxia buddies if they liked Demi God and Semi Devil 96 or State of Divinity 96 more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a wonderful Holiday to celebrate with your family and friends. Have fun stuffing yourself with food and enjoy your diner with your family. Still thinking of Food Network’s No Kid Hungry Charity and the Food. ❤ watching FoodNetwork and MasterChef!

Thanksgiving started when Pilgrims arrived in America and beg for food. It's a holiday about Food and Family.

Love Bond episode 22 recap

Anne wants to look at the stars with Michael. Kenix read the news about the stars appearing during the day. Michael thought of Kenix and remembered her said that their fate can’t be changed such as the sun can’t be risen during day. Kenix watches the moon during the day and found it was a miracle and doubt if she can be with Michael. Kenix stared at Michael and told him that though they’ve seen the moon during the day, the sun can’t rise in the west. As Kenix poured fruit seed, she thought of Michael. Kenix apologized to a customer that she doesn’t order the fruit tea anymore. She can drink the other types of tea. Anne and Michael looked at the wedding dress. Natalie asked Michael and Anne if the’ve watched the sunset. Michael thought about Kenix that the sun will never rise on the west.

Bernice gave Moses a new wallet which costs one thousand and two hundred dollars while Moses showed his fake brand wallet for fifty dollars. Bernice told Moses that he can’t use fake things. Bernice wants to watch a movie with Moses. Moses complained the the movie is boring and stopped halfway. Moses took Kenix to shop for clothes. Kenix got mad at Moses for saying she doesn’t fit those dresses. Bernice waits for Moses’s call. Kenix told Bernice she feels safe that she is dating Moses. Stephen told Moses that he has to do whatever his girlfriend wants and don’t worry about being embarrassed. Moses brought flowers for Bernice. Bernice criticize that there’s not many flowers. Moses bumped his head on the wall and said it’s alright as long as the flowers is fine. Bernice blew on the forehead.


Kenix saw Anne and Michael on the elevator. Kenix laid down on her bed and stared at the stars and cried. Kenix told her father she can’t stand it anymore. She would like to move out. Kenix cried and told her father she doesn’t want to see Michael and Anne anymore. She feels so hurt. Kenix’s father asked Moses to help his daughter by picking up the baby’s hair to find if the DNA belongs to Michael. Moses showed the hair he picked to Kenix’s father. Kenix left her house and thought of Michael. Michael held and umbrella and saw Kenix in front of the house. Kenix passed by Michael and went on the taxi. Anne eavesdrop of Kenix’s father told Michael he has hurt his daughter and caused her to cry every night and asked him to stop bothering Kenix. Michael told Anne that Kenix’s father was right at yelling at him. He knew that Kenix will be heartbroken when he decided to be with Anne. He doesn’t regret being with Anne. Anne held Michael’s hands and said she understands.


Oscar accidentally touched the butt of the boss of the coffee shop while picking up flowers. Fred asked the boss of the coffee shop who would want to molest an old lady like her. Oscar yelled at Kenix’s ex and the boss of the coffee shop for accidentally bumped into him with their car. Oscar broke his new phone. Oscar scratched Kenix’s ex boyfriend car. Kenix’s ex and the boss of the coffee shop took pictures while Oscar was scratching their car as evidence. Michael pleads Kenix’s ex to not sue his brother. Oscar gave away his shirts,books, and dvds to his siblings. Oscar gave Michael some money. Michael and Anne came up to Kenix’s ex boyfriend. Oscar apologized to the boss of the coffee shop. The coffe shop boss nitpick that Kenix even lost her last hope. The coffee shop boss to Oscar that he will be in jail for three to five years, if she doesn’t want her to sue him she can ask Kenix to beg her. Michael gave Kenix’s ex three hundred dollars and ask him to not pursue his brother’s case. Kenix drank twenty coffee cups in front of the boss of the coffee shop so she will stop pursing the case.


Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 7 recap

Qiao Feng asked the sect members who killed Brother Ma.The sect members told Qiao Feng that Brother Ma have been killed by Mu Rong Fu. Madamme said Brother Ma died on the twenty two of last month in the underground. Qiao Feng guranteed that Brother Ma wasn’t murdered by Mu Rong Fu. During that day, he was in Dali and investigated in Mu Rong Fu. Qiao Feng told the sect members he can tell Mu Rong Fu to come here and help them find the murderer. The sect member asked the Madamme if she spread rumors about Qiao Feng fighting with Brother Ma. Madamme told the sect member Qiao Feng has a secret. Madamme asked the sect member if he ever thought to get rid of Qiao Feng to the leader. The sect leader slapped the Madamme. Madamme asked the sect member if he remembered how he killed Brother Ma after he discovered them making love. If she didn’t lure Brother Ma to drink drug, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Brother Ma. The sect member told the Madamme he will end himself to repent his mistake if it is revealed he killed Brother Ma. Madame slept with another sect member. Madamme told the other sect member she wants Qiao Feng to die.


A maid offered to give Jiu Mo Chi and Duan Yu a ride to the mountain to see Mu Rong Fu. Jiu Mo Chi couldn’t stand still on the canoe. Duan Yu teases Jiu Mo Chi of scaring to fall on the sea. The maid asked Jiu Mo Chi and Duan Yu to wait until she calls her sister. Ah Zhu came and told Jiu Mo Zhi and Duan Yu that Mu Rong Fu is currently travelling. Ah Zhu tease Jiu Mo Chi of being a con monk. Ah Zhu then disguised into an elder woman and walked out. Duan Yu sensed the same perfume. Ah Zhu asked Jiu Mo Zhi to bow. Ah Zhu said there’s been man con man who pretends to bow but Jiu Mo Zhi isn’t one of them. Duan Yu laughed and told Ah Zhu he has a granddaughter who is really good at disguising but too bad he didn’t bring her here to bow in front of her. Ah Zhu asked Jiu Mo Zhi what does he wants to steal in Mu Rong Bo’s grave. Jiu Mo Chi said he has made a deal with Mu Rong Bo if he can give him the manuel, he will let him take a look at his manuels. Jiu Mo Chi gave Ah Zhu the manuel and requested to look at the manuels. Jiu Mo Chi grabbed Duan Yu on the right shoulder. The maid asked Jiu Mo Chi if Duan Yu knows the martial arts why would he let him control him. Jiu Mo Chi said he has froze Duan Yu. Ah Zhu told Jiu Mo Chi he doesn’t believe unless Duan Yu perform the martial arts. Jiu Mo Chi unfroze Duan Yu and asked him to perform it. Duan Yu asked Jiu Mo Chi why does he have to con people. Jiu Mo Chi fought with Ah Zhu and took off her mask. Ah Zhu told Jiu Mo Chi she will take him to the mountain tomorrow. Duan Yu complimented Ah Zhu of being a pretty girl who disguised into an old lady. The maid played the harp for Duan Yu. While the maid start playing, she Ah Zhu and Duan Yu jumped down on the canoe and left. Jiu Mo Chi chased them but struggled staning on the canoe. Duan Yu and the two girls laughed.


The maid wants to go peeing. Ah Zhu told the maid she will cover up for her while Duan Yu is taking a nap. Duan Yu wakes up and told Ah Zhu he wants to go peeing. Ah Zhu told Duan Yu to Miss Wan’s garden. The two girls left with their girl friend and asked Duan Yu to hang around in the garden. Duan Yu watches Ah Zhu talking to Wang Yu Yan from her back. Duan Yu found Wang Yu Yan’s voice so sweet. Wang Yu Yan discusses with Ah Zhu about Mu Rong Fu being framed. Duan Yu greets Wang Yu Yan. Wang Yu Yan refuses to peek at guys.

Duan Yu stared at Wang Yu Yan’s mother and found her lookalike the goddess sculpture. Wang Yu Yan’s mother ordered the maids to poke Duan Yu’s eye, chopped his leg, and cut his tongue. Wang Yu Yan;s mother ordered a slave to kill his wife and marry his mistress. Wang Yu Yan’s mother ordered a man to be dead due to his last name is Duan. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan it is ridiculous, his last name is also Duan. Duan Yu laughed at Wang Yu Yan’s mother of not knowing how to plant tea flowers. Duan Yu explained to Wang Yu Yan’s mother about the different colors of teaflowers. Wang Yu Yan’s mother asked Duan Yu if he is a royal of Dali. Duan Yu said he is just a normal person. Duan Yu teases Wang Yu Yan’s mother that a beautiful lady has to be gentle, and a flower can scratch her beautiful face. A lady who knows martial arts can become beautiful. The two ladies greets Wang Yu Yan’s mother and recoginizes him as the person who prevented them from kidnapping Wan Qing. Wang Yu Yan’s mother ordered her servants to kill Duan Yu. Ah Zhu and her maid told her not to since no one will discuss with her about flowers. Wang Yu Yan’s mother ordered the two girls to be arrested. Wang Yu Yan’s mother punched Duan Yu and his martial art painting fell out. Wang Yu Yan’s mother asked Duan Yu to follow her and she asked him where did he get that painting. Duan Yu said he fell down the cave and found the painting. He saw the goddess statue looks like her except Wang Yu Yan’s mother is a lot older. Wang Yu Yan’s mother asked Duan Yu if he has learnt the two martial arts. Duan Yu said he didn’t practice them. Duan Yu asked Wang Yu Yan’s mother if she is relate to the goddess.


Wan Qing punished Duan Yu by planting the tea flowers for her. A maid warned Duan Yu not to come to the forbidden place. Duan Yu planted the flowers and got his hands dirty. Duan Yu wandered around and saw Wang Yu Yan. Wang Yu Yan wondered how’s Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu greets Wang Yu Yan and asked her for her name. Duan Yu complimented Wang Yu Yan as beautiful as god. Wang Yu Yan said Mu Rong Fu is always busy and she really despite martial arts and don’t want to learn them. Wang Yu Yan said she can read the manuels for Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu said Mu Rong Fu is so lucky.