Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 51 and 52 recap

Ng Ying Hung told Ng Sam Kwai when he entered Kin Ning’s room, she pointed a gun at him and demanded him to take off his clothes. She stabbed him and he became an eunuch. Ng Sam Kwai got angry and vowed to rebel against Hong Hei. The imperial guard told Siu Bo that there’s a news of a maid trying to assassinate Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo heard the name of Ah Ke. Siu Bo ordered the imperial guard to release Ah Ke. Siu Bo anxiously told his master and worried about Ah Ke’s master called Ah Ke a failure asked Siu Bo not to disturb him. Siu Bo looked at Ng Sam Kwai laying down on his bed and thought “I don’t care if you die, but you’ll have to release my beautiful Ah Ke for me”.

Siu Bo told the magistrate that Ah Ke is Kin Ning’s favorite maid and wants to revenge for Kin Ning. The magistrate denied that Ah Ke is the princess’s maid he’s talking about. Siu Bo asked the magistrate if he doesn’t respect the princess and the majesty. The magistrate leads Siu Bo to the dungeon. Siu Bo saw Kim Ping in the cellar and thought in his mind “Why couldn’t it be Ah Ke?”. Siu Bo told the magistrate that Kim Ping is the princess’s maid. Siu Bo pretends to interrogate Kim Ping. Kim Ping pointed at the magistrate and said he ordered her to assassinate Ng Sam Kwai and claimed that he’s been scold by him. Kim Ping said if she achieve assassinates Ng Sam Kwai, the official will take his post. Siu Bo told the magistrate he will ask Ng Sam Kwai if he’s been torturing him. Siu Bo came close to the magistrate and told him he wonders how would Ng Sam Kwai will punish him if he stabs him from the back. Siu Bo asked the official to release Kim Ping so he will let the princess interrogate her. The official asked Siu Bo if he’s sure that Kim Ping is the princess’s maid since she can’t name the figure of the princess. Siu Bo gave the official his rifle as a pawn.

Siu Bo asked Kim Ping why did she assassinate Ng Sam Kwai. Kim Ping said she doesn’t know who Ng Sam Kwai and don’t know why the official said she assassinate him. Siu Bo asked Kim Ping why did she come to JiangNan. Kim Ping said the Holy Dragon Sect leader sent her here since he knows he misses her. Kim Ping told Kim Ping she is the nicest of all his wives. Flashbacks of Kim Shing fought with the guards and plan to kill Kin Ning so Ng Sam Kwai will rebel against the Qing. Ng Sam Kwai’s guards fought with Kim Shing and the Muk house and locked her for two days. Siu Bo found out that the guards locked her in the cellar because they know she isn’t the assassin. The guards lied that Kim Ping was the assassin. That’s why the official looked surprised that Siu Bo knows Kim Ping and claimed she’s the princess’s maid. It’s a trap and it was revealed Siu Bo knows the Muk Family.

Ng Sam Kwai invited Siu Bo to his place. Fong Yee’s ex boyfriend greets Siu Bo as the leader of Heaven and Earth Sect. Siu Bo thought in his mind ” This traitor dare to betray the Muk Family. I’ll find out a way to play you”. Siu Bo laughed that he is not only the leader of the Heaven and Earth Sect but also a member of the Holy Dragon Sect and the disciple of Princess Cheung Ping and Wei Siu Bo. Siu Bo asked Fong Yee’s ex boyfriend if he knows he is a spy under Emperor Hong Hei’s order. Siu Bo asked Fong Yee’s ex boyfriend if he told Ng Sam Kwai he dressed up as him to frame him by assassinating Hong Hei. He fails to assassinate Hong Hei and beg him and handed over Fong Yee to him. Siu Bo said he knows that Fong Yee’s ex boyfriend fail to assassinate Hong Hei by impersonating as Ng Sam Kwai’s men last time and now used this trick to frame him. Siu Bo said Hong Hei ordered him to release Fong Yee’s boyfriend to see if Ng Sam Kwai collaborates with the Muk Family. Siu Bo told Ng Sam Kwai he won’t tell the majesty about this. Ng Sam Kwai ordered the magistrate to arrest Fong Yee’s ex boyfriend.

A nun sent Siu Bo a letter which said Ah Ke is in danger. Chen Yuan Yuan greets Siu Bo. Siu Bo stared at Chen Yuan Yuan and said though Ah Ke is pretty but not as pretty as her. Siu Bo asked Chen Yuan Yuan why did she become a nun back then. Chen Yuan Yuan said she rather be a normal girl. Siu Bo said men often blame beautiful ladies when the empire fell down. Siu Bo said if Ng Sam Kwai was loyal to the Ming, eve if there’s a hundred of Chen Yuan Yuan, he wouldn’t open the gate for the Qing attacking the Ming. Chen Yuan Yuan thanked Siu Bo for understanding her feelings. Siu Bo asked Chen Yuan Yuan if she is Ng Sam Kwai’s wife. Chen Yuan Yuan played a song for Siu Bo. Siu Bo said he was a prostitute in the brothel and was brought to the Ming to serve the Emperor Chongzhen. During the fourth day, he asked her to leave. She played the harp in the brothel and Ng Sam Kwai was drunk. During the fight of the Qiang and the Ming, Emperor Chongzhen hangs himself. Then Li Zicheng raped her. Ng Sam Kwai took the Qing Soldiers and got promoted. She became a nun and believes she is only a curse. Chen Yuan Yuan told Siu Bo that Ng Sam Kwai was really mad that Ah Ke assassinated him. Ah Ke didn’t know her identity. Chen Yuan Yuan said when Ah Ke was two years old, during the rain, a person in a white dress stole Ah Ke from her. Siu Bo thought in his mind that Ah Ke’s master must be the one who have took Ah Ke away and ordered her to kill her father. Chen Yuan Yuan said Ng Sam Kai is pretending to be injured to lure the mastermind. Ah Ke refused to accept Ng Sam Kwai as his father. Chen Yuan Yuan said she saw Ng Sam Kwai rubbing his nose which is a sign that he wants to kill. Chen Yuan Yuan asked Siu Bo to persuade Ng Sam Kwai to hand Ah Ke over to him to punish. Siu Bo believes Ng Sam Kwai won’t kill Ah Ke and he was just angry since Ah Ke won’t accept him as her father.

Li Zicheng meets with Chen Yuan Yuan and said he won’t let Ah Ke accept the rebel Ng Sam Kwai as her father. Ng Sam Kwai arrived with the guards. Siu Bo asked Ng Sam Kwai to kill him. Ng Sam Kwai told Siu Bo he can kill him since he’s with a rebel. Ah Ke’s master pointed a sword at Ng Sam Kwai. Ah Ke’s master asked Li Zheng if Ah Ke is his daughter. Ah Ke’s master said she taught Ah Ke’s martial arts to kill Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo said Ah Ke’s master is Princess Cheung Ping of Ming. Ng Sam Kwai has a duel with Li Zicheng. Ng Sam Kwai grabbed Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zicheng. Ng Sam Kwai punched Li Zicheng. Li Zicheng surrender. Ah Ke’s master pointed a sword toward Ng Sam Kwai. The magistrate brought the Muk Family over and Heaven and Earth Sect and blackmail Siu Bo to release Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo deals with Ng Sam Kwai to leads him safely out of this place and he’ll ask Ah Ke’s master to spare him. Chen Yuan Yuan asked Siu Bo to save Ah Ke too. Siu Bo asked Chen Yuan Yuan to promise to marry off Ah Ke to him. Siu Bo begs Ng Sam Kwai to release Ah Ke since he is his wife.

Ah Ke’s master asked Ah Ke to leave with her father Zicheng. Ah Ke’s master cried and asked her father and Zicheng while they are all so selfish. Siu Bo asked the imperial guards to leave to the palace first. Siu Bo leads the Muk Family out in the woods.






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