Sword of Outlaw episode 35 recap

The mongolian girl told the eunuch she has a feeling for her jade since she wore it a for a long imte. The eunuch asked the mongolian girl not to believe what others say. The mongolian girl put the jade in the bowl of water. The eunuch told the official they may have mistaken the magistrate for treason. The eunuch ordered the mongolian girl to get rid of the bodyguard. The bodyguard is prepared to fight with the mongolian girl. Fengyi came and laughed and teased them for making love in this mountain. Feng Yi rode the horse and the tree fell on the mongolian girl. Feng Yi asked the mongolian girl if she and the japanese sect murdered the master. Fengyi asked the mongolian girl if the eunuch and the japanese has killed Zhuiyun’s sect. The mongolian girl told Fengyi, the only one who has that powerful martial arts is only her father. If her father has killed Zhuiyun’s sect then she and Zhuiyun can’t be together.

Fengyi dressed up as a nun and sent the magistrate’s daughter a letter to meet with her at the temple. Fengyi asked the magistrate’s daughter about the rumor of Zhuiyun killing the master. The magistrate’s daughter said that Zhuiyun probably isn’t the one who kill the master. Fengyi asked the magistrate’s daughter why her house is full of sect members and if she is marrying the sect leader. Fengyi told the magistrate’s daughter she can’t marry the sect leader since he is a bastard. The magistrate’s daughter asked Fengyi to not call her husband like that and they’ve just mistaken him. The sect leader went to the magistrate’s daughter and saw the mongolian girl and the bodyguard being frozen and laid on her bed. Fengyi confronted the sect leader for collaborating with the japaense. Fengyi asked the sect leader if he wants to kill the mongolian girl or the bodyguard. The sect leader fought with the bodyguard. The mongolian girl confronted the sect leader of wanting to kill her own people. The Japanese sect fought with the sect leader. The mongolian asked the bodyguard to leave and change his name from now on or the japanese and the eunuch won’t spare him. The bodyguard asked the mongolian girl to kill him or he will arrest her. The sect leader left.

The fisherlady doubted the sect leader possess a badge to find the treasure. Fengyi realize that the sect leader didn’t kill the magistrate just to posses the badge. The lady believes only Fengyi’s father can kill the sect leader. Fengyi believes that the monk who rescue her can defeat the sect leader. The girl took Fengyi to the monk for her to heal. Fengyi asked the monk if he knows about Zhuiyun’s sect since he used the same martial arts. The monk said ten years ago he and Fengyi’s father made a huge mistaken. They’ve been used to get rid of Zhuiyun’s sect. Fengyi said the monk doesn’t need to kill the sect leader but he can eliminate his martial arts. Fengyi told the lady she noticed the monk has the badge.

The bodyguard followed the mongolian girl and said if she wanted to kill him, she would already have done it. The bodyguard told the mongolian girl to look at the musician, though he’s poor but he live a peaceful life. The bodyguard said the commoner’s wishes is to live a peaceful life. The bodyguard said though he arrests the criminals, he still can’t make the people live a peaceful life. The mongolian asked the bodyguard if he blames the officials for not helping the people and caused them to suffer. The bodyguard made an analogy of animals are hungry so they eat human meat. The bodyguard asked the mongolian why she won’t change her view to help the people. The magistrate and his daughter ran away from their home.

The sect leader searches for them. Fengyi and the ladies threw rocks toward the sect members. The sect leader opened the cave which is full of tablets. The monk met with the magistrate. The magistrate’s daughter told her father that the sect leader won’t kill them. The magistrate said there are some stuff that has happened that it can’t be changed and is hard to forget. Fengyi rode the horse while the magistrate and his daughter say in the sedan chair. Fengyi sidetracks the assassins while the fisherlady leads the magistrate and his daughter on the other side of the road.





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