Weapons of Power episode 10 recap

Lin Pen promised Nuo Feng he will revenge Mu Rong Bai for her after he learned all the martial arts. Nuo Feng’s father untied Lin Pen. Lin Pen asked Nuo Feng’s father not to take to heart all his grievance. Nuo Feng’s father teaches Lin Pen martial arts.

Lin Die’s mother got a new job on the street. Mu Rong Bai about to punch Lin Die but Lin Die didn’t refuse himself. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Die he’s leaving soon and hope he will live a peaceful life.

Nuo Feng’s sect is preparing to find Mu Rong Bai. Lin Pen wants to come along but Nuo Feng’s father rejected since his martial art is weak. Lin Pen said martial arts is only secondary and the primary is the brain. Lin Pen said he’s familiar with the map and can lead them. Nuo Feng speaks up for Lin Pen and told her father that Lin Pen can come to have experience in the martial arts world. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng’s father that it is better for him to practice martial arts outside.

Lin Die eat and drink with Mu Rong Bai for the last time. Lin Die asked Mu Rong Bai to promise him not to kill anyone anymore since everyone has a parent. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Die he understands his kind heart but the martial arts world is evil. Mu Rong Bai threw chopsticks at Lin Pen. Lin Pen told Mu Rong Bai and Lin Die that his mission here is to kill the evil martial artist Mu Rong Bai. Mu Rong Bai asked Lin Pen what’s his name. Lin Pen said that Mu Rong Bai always eat human eat and drink human blood. Mu Rong Bai grabbed Lin Pen. Lin Die begs Mu Rong Bai to spare Lin Pen since he is his only brother. Mu Rong Bai asked Lin Pen to swear he won’t tell he is here. Lin Pen swears. Mu Rong Bai gave Lin Die a firecracker to use when he’s in trouble he can send him a signal.

Lin Pen told Nuo Feng’s father that Mu Rong Bai is old but has skillful martial arts. Nuo Feng’s father asked Lin Pen where did he saw Mu Rong Bai. Lin Pen said he saw Mu Rong Bai and Lin Die thought he is his neighbor. Lin Pen begs Nuo Feng’s master not to hurt his brother. Xiahou Zhun came with the sect members to Lin Pen’s house and pointed the sword at Lin Die. Xiaohou Zhun asked Lin Die where’s Mu Rong Bai. Lin Die fought with the sect. Lin Die fainted. The firecracker dropped and the seagull flew toward Mu Rong Bai. Tian Jiao and Mu Rong Bai went back to the house searching for Lin Die. Mu Rong Bai assumes Lin Die has been betrayed by Lin Pen and is currently being locked in Nuo Feng’s sect dungeon. Lin Pen brought food for Lin Pen. Lin Die told Lin Pen that he has promised him not to tell the whereabout of Mu Rong Bai. Lin Die asked Lin Pen to leave. Lin Pen burnt backyard and ordered the servants to clean the fire. Lin Pen showed a rock as his badge and knocked the guard. Lin Pen opened the dungeon and rescued Lin Die. Lin Pen took Lin Die to the woods. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to leave.

Nuo Feng’s father pointed a sword at Lin Die. Mu Rong Bai came. Mu Rong Bai fought with Nuo Feng’s father. Lin Pen bumped into the tree and fainted. Mu Rong Bai pointed a sword at Nuo Feng’s master. Mu Rong Bai said though he has killed many sects, he swore he didn’t kill their masters. Mu Rong Bai said he has been poison and his wife have passed a way and he doesn’t know where is his son. Nuo Feng’s father told Xiahou Zhun he has to investigate the case of their masters since Mu Rong Bai has been affected by a different poison. Xiahou Zhun punched Nuo Feng’s father and said he was the one who poisoned Mu Rong Bai said he wanted to be the sect leader.



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