Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 54 recap

Kin Ning pullled Siu Bo’s ear and demanded him to tell who is Tsang Yau. Siu Bo told Kin Ning that Tsang Yau is her savior who has rescued him many times from Ng Sam Kwai. Kin Ning wants Tsang Yau to teach her martial arts. Siu Bo told Kin Ning that Tsang Yau will return. The imperial guard told Siu Bo that he lost gambling to this fat guy. Ng Luk Kei gambled with the fat guy. The fat guy grabbed Siu Bo and asked Siu Bo to give him the medicine. Ah Ke was about to strike a sword at Siu Bo but Seung Yee fought with her and got injured. Cheng Hak Song’s master came in front of Siu Bo. Siu Bo took Seung Yee to the canoe. The sect members fought with Cheng Hak Song and Ah Ke. Ng Luk Kei told Seung Yee he will always remember the bowl of rice she gave him. Ng Luk Kei complimented Siu Bo as intelligence as the leader of the Heaven and Earth Sect. Ng Luk Kei told Siu Bo and Seung Yee he would not regret dying for them. Siu Bo told Ng Luk Kei that the fat man is just a sect member who is looking for medicine for his wife. The sect members told Siu Bo that Chan Kan Nam already told them not to kill Cheng Hak Song. Siu Bo warned Cheng Hak Song not to see Ah Ke again.

Siu Bo told the fat man he doesn’t have the medicine. Siu Bo told the fat man he’s letting him go because he’s Kin Ning’s father. Ng Luk Kei put on the needles on the fat man’s back. Siu Bo told the fat man he understands why he sacrifice his life to find the medicine since he is also lovesick. A sect member told Siu Bo that Ah Ke have injured her hands. Ng Luk Kei told Siu Bo he can’t be lovesick for Ah Ke, he will kill her. Cheng Hak Song’s master took Ah Ke away. The fat man stared at Kin Ning and it rains. The fat man told Siu Bo he won’t reunite with Kin Ning since she is happy being a princess and he doesn’t want her to suffer with him in his sect. Siu Bo drinks with the ladies at the brothel and met Chan Kan Nam.




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