Colourful Life episode 17 recap

A customer gave Louis a bag of dessert. Florence treated the dessert to Annie. Annie ate the dessert with soy sauce. Florence and her the third Madam suggest Annie to eat it with sugar. Annie tried it with sugar but chocked A man came up to Ronald in the restaurant and showed him his jade. He told Ronald and Cutie that he won the jade from gambling with a naive master. Ronald and Cutie gambled and lost five thousand taels. Cutie and Ronald thought of ways to sell their treasures for money. Florence’s maid served green tea for Louis and fell on him. Florence’s maid told Louis that she is getting married to a man she doesn’t like. She told Louise she has always liked him. Florence’s maid hugged Louis. Florence’s maid show off her bracelet to the maids. She held the umbrella for Louis. Florence complained to Louis about her sister. Louis complained that Florence never worried about him. Myolie hid the desserts to give it to Ellesmere. The third Madam took Myolie to the temple. Annie asked Ellesmere to take his time eating diner since Myolie won’t come. Annie’s maid ate dumpling with Annie. Annie noticed Ellesmere also dip it with soy sauce. Johnny teased Ellesmere that he’s weird and his mother have picked him up from the street.

Mark and May bought fabrics on the stall. A crazy woman walked out of the street accusing Mark of leaving her after being pregnant. May yelled at Mark for being irresponsible. Her husband came and Apologized. Mark gave the man some money to take his wife to teh doctor. Louisa came and met Mark. Florence saw Louisa and May pawn the golden bowl. The customer demanded Ronald and Cutie to repay their debt and he rose their debt to five hundred thousand dollars. Florence told Madam Ching that she saw the golden bowl in the pawn shop. Madam Ching and Florence visited Louisa and said they wanted to take a look at the golden bowl. Louisa opened the chest and said someone stole it. The first husband admit he stole it to give it to Ronald and Cutie. Madam Ching scold Ronald and Cutie for taking the golden bowl to repay their gambling debt. Florence asked Madam Ching to open the box to check up on the golden bowl. Madam Ching opened the box.




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