Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 2 recap

Madam asked his fiance (Brother Ma) why won’t be burnt the letter so this secret won’t be revealed if he is so loyal to Qiao Feng. Brother Ma grabbed the Madam and asked her to promise to not tell out the secret in this letter or her beauty will be ruined. Brother Ma told the Madam he will spend more time with her. He said Qiao Feng is a good leader who don’t know his identity. Madam served tea for the sect member. She spilled tea on him and wiped his hands. A sect member told Qiao Feng he heard a sect was hurt by Mu Rong Fu. The madam treated the sect member a moonkcake. In the north, there’s Qiao Feng; in the south there’s Mu Rong Fu as the best martial artist. Qiao Feng want to take a trip to Dali to clear this up.

Duan Zhen Jing teaches his son Duan Yu some martial arts. Some monks greets Duan Zhen Jing and said the elder monk have died in the temple. The monk recalled how Mu Rong Fu used to attack him using the same martial art step when he was little but he was lucky he didn’t die.Duan Zhen Jing and the uncle search for Duan Yu. Duan Yu left a letter and said he went to the temple. Duan Yu watches the fight between the priest at the temple and laughed. A priest pointed a sword at Duan Yu asked him to compete with his master. Zhong Ling threw coconut seeds toward the priests and asked Duan Yu to try her coconut seeds. The priest got assassinated. Zhong Ling told Duan Yu that there’s poison in the letter. Zhong Ling threw poisonous bats at the priests and left the temple with Duan Yu. Duan Yu and Zhong Ling met a sect leader. The sect fought with Zhong Ling and Duan Yu. Zhong Ling threw poisonous squirrels at the sect. The sect threw dirt at Zhong Ling trying to bury her. Duan Yu jumps in the grave with her. The sect asked Zhong Ling to hand out the medicine. Zhong Ling said the medicine is in her father’s hands. The sect leader put a poison in Duan Yu and demanded Zhong Ling to give the medicine. Zhong Ling gave Duan Yu her shoes and showed him the map to her father. Zhong Ling asked Duan Yu to never tell his last name is Duan since her father hate anyone’s last name is Duan. Two ladies in the mask fought with Duan Yu. Duan Yu fell down the hill. Duan Yu went in a cave. Duan Yu saw a white goddess statue. Duan Yu bowed in front of the statue one thousand times. Duan Yu read the martial arts script. Duan Yu followed the map to a cave which said whoever’s last name is Duan will be killed.




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