Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 55 recap

Ng Luk Kei told Siu Bo he wants to befriend Seung Yee. Ng Luk Kei said Chan Kan Nam and Seung Yee are his savior. Ng Luk Kei gave Seung Yee a rifle. Chan Kan Nam and the sect plans to use french bomb to use against Ng Sam Kwai. Chan Kan Nam told Siu Bo he has to go to a trip to Taiwan. Siu Bo gave the puzzles to Chan Kan Nam. Siu Bo hopes that Chan Kan Nam won’t go to Taiwan. Chan Kan Nam said the king’s brother dream is to take over Manchu. Siu Bo asked Chan Kan Nam why does he keep on mentioning the word death and if Cheng Hak Song will eliminate him. Chan Kan Nam gives Siu Bo the task of Anti-Qing. Chan Kan Nam asked Siu Bo to solve the pieces of puzzle then burn it. Siu Bo gave Chan Kan Nam the protective jacket. Chan Kan Nam asked Siu Bo to keep it. In the woods, Ah Ke’s master teaches Siu Bo a running skill. Siu Bo asked Ah Ke’s master to leave with Ah Ke. Ah Ke’s master said Hong Hei is a good emperor an her dynasty has ended. Ah Ke’s master hopes Siu Bo will take good care of Ah Ke. Siu Bo showed Seung Yee the puzzle and asked her to solve it. Siu Bo chased Seung Yee asking her to kiss him. Kin Ning came in the room. Kin Ning whined to Hong Hei that Ng Ying Hung has bullied her. Hong Hei yelled at Siu Bo for collaborating with Kin Ning to harm Ng Ying Hung but he found the news that Ng Sam Kwai collaborated with foreigners which is a big news. Hong Hei told Siu Bo he has to watch out for the tiger fur and the two vases. Siu Bo gave Hong Hei that manuel from Ng Sam Kwai. Hong Hei took Siu Bo to watch the french bomb. Siu Bo tested the bomb. Seung Yee showed the map she’s solved to Siu Bo. Seung Yee told Siu Bo the red circle is where the treasure is.




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