Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 3 recap

Duan Yu knocked on the door three times and gave Zhong Ling’s shoes to the maid. Duan Yu told a man’s wife his father is Duan Long. The wife hid Duan Yu in her house while she tlaks to her husband. Duan Yu giggle and the husband dragged him out and asked hi mhow is he related to Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Yu blurted out that Duan Zhen Jing is his father. The husband worried that Duan Zhen Jing will steal his wife away from him so he tried to kill Duan Yu. The wife took the stab for Duan Yu. The wife told Duan Yu to send the sect a message that if they hurt her daughter, she won’t spare them.The madam gave Duan Yu a treasure to give to his father to rescue her daughter. The wife lends Duan Yu a horse to rescue his daughter. Some women sect mistaken Duan Yu for a lady disguised into a guy and fought with him. Duan Yu sent a message to the lady in the mask that Zhong Ling is in danger and he’s using her horse. The lady in the mask fought witth the elder women sect. The lady in the mask dragged Duan Yu in the horse. Duan Yu demanded her to let him go. She pushes him down and dragged him on the floor while riding the horse. Duan Yu laughed. The lady in the mask pointed a sword at him. Duan Yu told the lady in the mask he has to go peeing. Duan Yu sneaks off to his horse. The lady in the mask pushed the horse and told Duan Yu he can leave alone. The lady in the mask asked Duan Yu if he he fell for Zhong Ling. The lady assassins in the masks fought with the lady in the mask.

Duan asked the lady in the mask to take off the her mask. She slapped him. Duan Yu wrapped the wound for the lady in the mask using the assassin’s cloth. The lady in the mask took Duan Yu to rescue Zhong Ling. The dressed up as the assassin. Duan Yu and the lady in the mask asked the sect to bring Zhong Ling over and hand out the medicine. Zhong Ling asked the lady in the mask how would Duan Yu cure himself if they’ve taken all the medicine. The sect plead the lady in the mask to share some of the medicines since they’ve been bitten by squirrels. The lady in the mask and Duan Yu left with Zhong Ling. Zhong Ling thanked the lady in the mask for saving her but she wants to wait for Duan Yu. Duan Yu giggled and took off his disguise and told Zhong Ling he has promised her he would come back. Zhong Ling hopes Duan Yu will find back her dead bat. Zhong Ling tripped. The lady in the mask put on the bandage for Zhong Ling and told Duan Yu he doesn’t need to be so nice. The lady in the mask told Duan Yu and Zhong Ling her name is Mu Wan Qing. The sect woke up and fought Wan Qing. Wan Qing hopped on the horse with Duan Yu. Wan Qing jupmed on the other side of the roads and dragged Duan Yu up. Her horse fell down. Wan Qing asked Duan Yu if he has seen her waist. Wan Qing slapped Duan Yu. Duan Yu said he has to put medicine on her if he wants to heal her.

Wan Qing took off her mask and told Duan Yu that she has to marry the first person who has seen her face. Duan Yu said he has to reconsider it. Wan Qing slapped Duan Yu. A sect member was impressed with Duan Yu’s resistant strentght and wanted to make him as his disciple. Duan Yu said he already have a master. The sect member saw a healthy frog and chased it. Wan Qing said since she was thirteen, her master asked her to wear a mask and marry the person who revealed her mask. Wan Qing said her master told her to kill a woman with the last name of Wong since she caused her to be single. The sect member forced Duan Yu to bow. The sect member took Wan Qing away and told Duan Yu to accept him as his master in three days or he’ll kill her. Duan Yu tripped down the hill. Duan Yu practices the martial artist from the goddess sculpture.

The sect member who is revealed to be the fifth of the villains fought with the fourth and second villain. The four villains plan to assassinate Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Yu practices the chasing skills. Duan Yu tries to catches the bat but got bitten by it. The poisonous termite crawled in Duan Yu’s mouth and he burnt himself. Duan Yu got better by poison curing poison. Duan Yu encountered the sect and said he was the one who killed his sect members. The sect members fought with Duan Yu and Duan Yu absorbed their powers. The two female assassins refuse to give the medicine to the sect leader. The sect leader kills himself. Wan Qing waits for Duan Yu. Wan Qing told the fifth villain that the fourth brother have killed Duan Yu. The fought villain fought with the fifth villain.






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