Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 56 recap

Siu Bo showed the words of treasure to a man and ordered him to find someone for him. Seung Yee showed Siu Bo the location of the treasures on the map. Hong Hei told Siu Bo that he’s still worried the Holy Dragon Sect will assassinate him. Hong Hei ordered Siu Bo to bring guards to the Holy Dragon Sect to arrest the fake Empress Dowager. Siu Bo plans to marry Ah Ke and run away. Siu Bo packed his stuff with Seung Yee. The two members of Holy Dragon Sect came to Siu Bo and reminded Siu Bo to bring the three manuels if he wants to see Fong Yee. Songgotu’s captain friend wants to see Siu Bo. The captain gave Siu Bo a bowl. Siu Bo asked the captain about how he used to work for Cheng Hak Song but now he turn against Cheng Hak Song. The captain said he used to send a spy against his enemies. The spy escape and went to the madam and framed him of beings a rebel. Siu Bo said the madam must have asked him to release the spy since he was handsome. He was mad so he killed the spy. The madam listened to the spy and believed the captain was a rebel. He sneaked out of the house, and heard the news of Cheng Hak Song have killed his whole family. The captain plans to accuse Chan Kan Nam of wanting to get rid of Cheng Hak Song. The captain plans to get rid both Cheng Hak Song and Chan Kan Nam. As long as there’s one state who can defeat Taiwan, then they can take over Taiwan. The captain said whenever he talks about Taiwan, the majesty doesn’t appreciate him. Siu Bo told the captain that the majesty must have a reward for him for mentioning about Taiwan and he can wait for it.

Siu Bo told Hong Hei the plan of having a state defeating Taiwan and they can defeat them. Hong Hei said he was afraid the captain was reckless. Hong Hei said he kept the captain in the palace to bore him. He will work hard when he gets release. Hong Hei told Siu Bo that he must have received some kinda of gifts from the captain since he keeps on saying good things about him. Siu Bo said the captain gave him a bowl but he doesn’t really like it cause he already have his golden bowl. Hong Hei told Siu Bo he will let the captain go with him to get rid of the Holy Dragon Sect. Hong Hei worries Ng Sam Kwai will come to Taiwan before him. Hong Hei asked the captain to give Siu Bo a golden bowl.

Siu Bo told Seung Yee he hopes that the captain and the Holy Dragon Sect will fight to death so they don’t bother Chan Kan Nam. Seung Yee worries about Fong Yee. Siu Bo said he will think of a way to save Fong Yee. Siu Bo received the golden bowl. Seung Yee told Siu Bo that she sees that the majesty really favor him and she worries it’s going to be hard for him to rebel against him.

Siu Bo received many gifts from the officials before he goes to attack the Holy Dragon Sect. An official saw Siu Bo and got mad. Siu Bo encourage the guards to be prepared attacking the Holy Dragon Sect with the french cannons. The captain showed the map to Siu Bo and plans to attack the north, south, and east and surround them in the west. Siu Bo said there are a few pretty concubines from the palace who has escaped in the island. The captain told Siu Bo he will capture the ladies alive. The captain complimented Siu Bo on killing Ao Bai. The captain said he’s worried about Siu Bo getting hurt so he told him to hide in a small island. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the captain means he is a coward but it’s fine since it’s good for him. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the captain is even more pleasant talker than him. The guards found two dead bodies flowing on the water. Siu Bo found the fat man. Siu Bo asked the guards to bring the fat man in for him to interrogate. The fat man said his martial arts isn’t that skillful, it isn’t a surprise he got thrown in the sea. The fat man pleads Siu Bo to release him so he can save his lover. Siu Bo said another sect is attacking the Holy Dragon Sect and threw him in the sea.




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