Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 57 recap

Siu Bo ordered the two guards to guard the fat man in the camp. Siu Bo gambles with Seung Yee, whoever got three red dice win. Seung Yee rolled the dice and didn’t get any reds while Siu Bo got two reds. On the boat, Fong Yee screams for help. Siu Bo went in the boat and got caught by So Chuen. The sect members caught the fat man. The sect member threw rocks at Seung Yee and she fell down the sea. Siu Bo told the Holy Dragon Sect leader he’s been worrying about him and his wife. Siu Bo said the fat man said they were in danger. Siu Bo saw the two sect members and said he found the third manuel and hid it behind the wall in the restaurant and ordered them to guard it. The two sect members said they found it suspicious that they saw the captain talking to him and bringing cannons so they suspected him to assassinating the Holy Dragon Sect. Siu Bo laughed and said he brought the cannons under the order of the majesty to use it against the foreign rebel on the other island. The two sect members asked Siu Bo why did he go to the Holy Dragon Sect instead of the other island. Siu Bo said he saw many bodies on the water including the fat man and the fat man that the sect members of the Holy Dragon sect have been killed. Siu Bo said the fat man said the Holy Dragon Sect leader and So Chuen take the previous rebel fight in their heart so they ordered them to kill their sect members and there’s a member who fell for So Chuen and hid a knife in his room. Siu Bo said the fat man said he plans to beat up the Holy Dragon Sect leader and take off So Chuen’s clothes so he planned to use the bomb to go to the Holy Dragon Sect.

The Holy Dragon Sect leader told Siu Bo he is good at talking, but why didn’t invite the guards to bring in the cannons but he hid in the island. Siu Bo said he doesn’t fully trust them because the fat man said the sect members blamed him for ruining his scheme, so he brought the cannons to save the Holy Dragon Sect leader and So Chuen. Siu Bo said he suspects the sect member wants to be the leader. The Holy Dragon Sect leader ordered the priest to guard Siu Bo.

Siu Bo tries to get attention from the priest while he sit and pray. Fong Yee brought a bowl of salad. Siu Bo told Fong Yee he knows she still have feelings for him. Fong Yee told Siu Bo he only thinks of Seung Yee. She was planning to harm him since she has suffered in the Holy Dragon Sect while he is happy making love outside.

In the boat, during the night Seung Yee untied Siu Bo and said she had a strange feeling seeing the cannon fired too son. She pretended to fall in the sea and crawled back on the boat. Siu Bo took the shirt from he priest and put it on Seung Yee. They hopped on the small canoe to a cold island. Siu Bo said Fong Yee always tried to harm him. Seung Yee said Fong Yee have some anxiety while Ah Ke’s background is pityful. Siu Bo laid down on the grass. A villager found Siu Bo and Seung Yee and poured wine on them. The villager invited Siu Bo and Seung Yee to his house. Siu Bo told Seung Yee they can live here and she can bear him nine children in three years. Siu Bo asked the villager about mountains in this area. Some soldiers fire the cannons at the house. Siu Bo and Seung Yee saw the girl come out and check up on her dead father who got shot from the cannon. The french soldier pointed a rifle toward the girl and shot the her. Siu Bo and Seung Yee pushed the large wood toward the french soldier and ran from the fire.

Siu Bo doubts if Ng Sam Kwai ordered those French to rebel. Siu Bo worries about the safety of the majesty. Siu Bo and Seung Ye went in the castle. The jumped in the chest and crawled in the underground. A french girl kissed Siu Bo.




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