Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 5 recap

Duan Zhen Jing and Duan Yu’s mother came to Wan Qing’s mother and Zhong Ling’s stepfather. Duan Yu’s mother fought with Wan Qing’s mother. Wan Qing ache her heart and asked Duan Yu to hug her. YatKhing told Duan Yu that he has conflicts with Duan Zheng Jing and the emperor. YatKhing told Duan Yu and Wan Qing if they die, he will take off their clothes and hang the up in front of everyone. Wan Qing asked Duan Yu if they want their first child to be a boy or a girl. Duan Zhong Ling peeked in the cave and called Duan Yu. Duan Yu asked Zhong Ling to bring him some medicine. He’s been affected by the drug.

The emperor asked the villains where did they locked Duan Yu. While the guards fight with the villains, Zhong Ling asked the emperor to follow her. Duan Yu touches Wan Qing’s face and tries to kiss her. The emperor came to YatKhing. The emperor fought with Yatkhing. Yatkhing said Wan Qing is with Duan Yu in the cave. Yatkhing told the emperor if he dies under him, he will create more crime. YatKhing perform his martial artist. The emperor greets YatKhing and said Duan Yu will succeed him ruling the world. YatKhing asked the emperor to be a monk and return back the dynasty to him. Duan Yu feels hot in his stomach and asked the emperor to use his power to kill him. The emperor asked YatKhing abotu his identity.YatKhing whispered to the emperor

The emperor told Duan Zhen Jing to go to the temple with him. . The emperor told Duan Zhen Jing that YatKhing used to be the royal prince of Dali. Twenty five of years, there were overthrown of the emperor and YatKhing disappear and became crippled. The reign was supposed to belong to YatKhing. Duan Zhen Jing told the emperor he can’t let the arrogant YatKhing ruling the dynasty. The emperor told Duan Zhen Jing he will promote him to show his power. The emperor tested his power with the elder monk. The emperor said tomorrow he will omit tax for five years. The elder monk played chess with YatKhing. The elder monk asked YatKhing to guess if his toes is odd or even. YatKhing guesses it is odd. The elder monk says he is wrong. The elder monk uses his power to cut off his pinky toe. YatKhing almost win the chess game. Duan Yu gave the elder monk an advise for the last move. The elder monk won the chess game.

The four guards dig the underground to the cave to rescue Duan Yu. Zhong Ling sneaks in her father’s room trying to find the medicine. The guards took Zhong Ling in the cave. Zhong Ling’s mother argued with her husband. The Emperor pleads Zhong Ling’s stepfather to release Duan Yu. Duan Zhen Jing told Zhong Ling’s stepbrother if he wants to harm others, he has a way to make him suffer for life. Duan Yu carries Zhong Ling out of the cave. Duan Zhen Jing teased Zhong Ling’s stepfather that they are now in laws. The fourth villain punched Zhong Ling’s stepbrother and took Zhong Ling away. Duan Yu ordered the second villain to find Zhong Ling. Duan Yu step in the elder monk’s place and absorbs YatKhing’s energy.

The four guards told Duan Zhen Jing they knocked Wan Qing and replaced her with Zhong Ling. Wan Qing’s reurned the box to Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Zhen Jing reads the paper of the birthdate of Zhong Ling. Duan Yun laughed that he has another sister. Wan Qing angrily walked out.

Duan Zhen Jing checked the temple cupboard and told the martial arti move to the monks. The elder monk doubted if it was Mu RongFu. Mu RongFu fought with the emperor. Mu RongFu tried to leave but the elder monk closed the door. Mu Rongfu fought with Duan Zhen Jing and the monk. Qiao Feng jumps in and used his power on them and took Mu RongFu out. Qiao Feng told Mu RongFu he helped him because he knows he didn’t kill the monk. In the seventh of august, they had a duel. In the eleventh of August, the monk was kill. Dali was many miles far away from the place they had a duel, he couldn’t have arrived the temple in time. Mu Rong Fu said he was a spy in another state, and leaked out the news for the Hans. Qiao Feng drinks with Mu RongFu. Qiao Feng told Mu RongFu he hope one day he’ll collaborate with him to save the world. A sect member told Qiao Feng that Brother Ma have been killed. The Emperor assumes the person who saved Mu RongFu is Qiao Feng. The monk told Duan Zheng Jing and the emperor he needs to go home trying to solve the chess move of YatKhing. Duan Yu asked Wan Qing not to leave. Wan Qing pointed a sword at Duan Yu.






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