Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 58 recap

The leader of the Holy Dragon Sect collaborates with the French to fire cannons against the palace. The french princess Sofia took Siu Bo and Seung Yee out of the underground. Siu Bo told the french he is a hunter. The leader of the Holy Dragon Sect said Siu Bo is the person working for the majesty. The French soldier took a paper out of Siu Bo’s paper. The leader of the Holy Dragon Sect read the paper that the majesty ordered him on a mission. The french princess told Siu Bo why does he come here. Siu Bo said he heard the french princess is pretty so he sent treasures to the french princess but it got kidnapped. Siu Bo wonders if Holy Dragon Sect Leader took it. The soldier asked Siu Bo how does the majesty knows that the princess came here. The Holy Dragon Sect leader told the soldier that if they kill Siu Bo, then it will be easy to attack the majesty. The soldier told the princess to keep Siu Bo since they can use him to negotiate with the majesty to give them golds. Siu Bo gave a bunch of cheque for the princess and the soldier. Siu Bo told the princess he will follow her. The french soldier told the Holy Dragon Sect he can deal with the majesty to borrow some cannons. Siu Bo and Seung Yee ate eggs with the princess. The soldier told the princess that the prince has passed away. The princess ran around and cried. Siu Bo jumped on the solider and tied him up and asked the princess to bring him to the empress dowager. Seung Yee froze the two french soldiers. Siu Bo ordered the soldiers to kill the soldier. The soldier said he agrees to rebel and kill the empress dowager.

It’s been a half year and Siu Bo is missing. The majesty gives the official one month to find Siu Bo. Kin Ning told Siu Bo that everyone is ignoring her. Kin Ning asked the majesty to marry her off to Siu Bo. The majesty yelled at Kin Ning and asked her to not bother him. The captain and the soldiers search for Siu Bo in the island. Siu Bo greets the majesty and hugged the majesty. The majesty asked Siu Bo where did he go. Siu Bo said he stayed in the french palace. He was caught by the Holy Dragon Sect but escaped to the palace and met the princes Sofia. Siu Bo told the majesty what happened during his trip. Siu Bo told the majesty hat he uses the Qing’s tactic to tell the princess how to control her soldiers. Flashbacks of Siu Bo dancing with Sofia and said the Qing’s soldiers are strong. Siu Bo asked Sofia to write a letter of they won’t be attacking the Qing. Siu Bo implemented the Holy Dragon Sect writing style on the french edict and recited to the majesty. Hong Hei told the french soldier to send a message to their princess that they blessed to be friends. Hong Hei tested the french cannons.




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