Love Bond episode 22 recap

Anne wants to look at the stars with Michael. Kenix read the news about the stars appearing during the day. Michael thought of Kenix and remembered her said that their fate can’t be changed such as the sun can’t be risen during day. Kenix watches the moon during the day and found it was a miracle and doubt if she can be with Michael. Kenix stared at Michael and told him that though they’ve seen the moon during the day, the sun can’t rise in the west. As Kenix poured fruit seed, she thought of Michael. Kenix apologized to a customer that she doesn’t order the fruit tea anymore. She can drink the other types of tea. Anne and Michael looked at the wedding dress. Natalie asked Michael and Anne if the’ve watched the sunset. Michael thought about Kenix that the sun will never rise on the west.

Bernice gave Moses a new wallet which costs one thousand and two hundred dollars while Moses showed his fake brand wallet for fifty dollars. Bernice told Moses that he can’t use fake things. Bernice wants to watch a movie with Moses. Moses complained the the movie is boring and stopped halfway. Moses took Kenix to shop for clothes. Kenix got mad at Moses for saying she doesn’t fit those dresses. Bernice waits for Moses’s call. Kenix told Bernice she feels safe that she is dating Moses. Stephen told Moses that he has to do whatever his girlfriend wants and don’t worry about being embarrassed. Moses brought flowers for Bernice. Bernice criticize that there’s not many flowers. Moses bumped his head on the wall and said it’s alright as long as the flowers is fine. Bernice blew on the forehead.


Kenix saw Anne and Michael on the elevator. Kenix laid down on her bed and stared at the stars and cried. Kenix told her father she can’t stand it anymore. She would like to move out. Kenix cried and told her father she doesn’t want to see Michael and Anne anymore. She feels so hurt. Kenix’s father asked Moses to help his daughter by picking up the baby’s hair to find if the DNA belongs to Michael. Moses showed the hair he picked to Kenix’s father. Kenix left her house and thought of Michael. Michael held and umbrella and saw Kenix in front of the house. Kenix passed by Michael and went on the taxi. Anne eavesdrop of Kenix’s father told Michael he has hurt his daughter and caused her to cry every night and asked him to stop bothering Kenix. Michael told Anne that Kenix’s father was right at yelling at him. He knew that Kenix will be heartbroken when he decided to be with Anne. He doesn’t regret being with Anne. Anne held Michael’s hands and said she understands.


Oscar accidentally touched the butt of the boss of the coffee shop while picking up flowers. Fred asked the boss of the coffee shop who would want to molest an old lady like her. Oscar yelled at Kenix’s ex and the boss of the coffee shop for accidentally bumped into him with their car. Oscar broke his new phone. Oscar scratched Kenix’s ex boyfriend car. Kenix’s ex and the boss of the coffee shop took pictures while Oscar was scratching their car as evidence. Michael pleads Kenix’s ex to not sue his brother. Oscar gave away his shirts,books, and dvds to his siblings. Oscar gave Michael some money. Michael and Anne came up to Kenix’s ex boyfriend. Oscar apologized to the boss of the coffee shop. The coffe shop boss nitpick that Kenix even lost her last hope. The coffee shop boss to Oscar that he will be in jail for three to five years, if she doesn’t want her to sue him she can ask Kenix to beg her. Michael gave Kenix’s ex three hundred dollars and ask him to not pursue his brother’s case. Kenix drank twenty coffee cups in front of the boss of the coffee shop so she will stop pursing the case.



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