Colourful Life episode 18-19 recap

Madam Ching checked the golden cup and complimented that she will return it to her. Louisa entered Miss Ching’s room and told her honestly that her family is in debt and she pawned the golden cup. Miss Ching told Louisa she is a good girl but she has a flaw that she cares too much about what others think. Madam Ching compared Louisa to a book cover and said even if the cover has changed, the inside will not change. She is still her nice daughter in law. During lunch, the third madam told Louise she heard that her family is in trouble and May stayed here. Louisa admit that her father’s business has went down and she can’t afford bird’s nest anymore. Madam Ching told Louisa that they are family and she will buy bird’s nest for her.


Mark invited Louis to a drink and told him a story of a when a daughter was born, the people placed their wine in the closet. When the daughter get married, they will take out the wine to serve the people. Mark told Louis he met May on the street and had the eye on the same hairpin. Mark complimented May. Mark solved the chess piece for May. Mark played chess with May and asked her to think of how to sole the chess piece. As Louisa counted the silver, Cutie doubted why Florence has more silvers than her. Flornece said her husband is a hard worker. Ronald critique the horse sculpture to the customers. The store owner asked Ronald to buy it since heis store is closing. Cutie showed Ronld the five hairpins she bought for a cheap price. gave Ronald a tiny vase. Cutie followed Ronald and about to kick hte door. Ronald and Cutie eavesdropped on Florence’s maid with Louis. Cutie told Ronald she’ll wait until Florence’s maid is pregnant with Louis then Florence will lose faces. Cutie saw Ronald’s horse sculpture which he bought for hundred thousand taels.

Mark told May that she is a better chess player than him but she lacks confidence. Florence and the third madam accused Louisa of stealing her nutrition. Madam Ching saw Florence and the third madam nitpick on Louisa. Madam Ching warned Florence and the second madam to stop causing rumors. Cutie showed Ronald the nutrition she stole.
May told Annie she wants to go to the bookstore searching for chess books.


Annie bumped into an old lady and bought the frog congee from her. Annie sat on the roof and stared at the scholars reciting poems. Annie dropped the wine and jumped down to pick it up. The basket of frogs fell down and the frogs jumped on the scholars. Frankie helped Annie clean the tables. Frankie and Annie watch the stars. Annie told Frankie about the animals in Tibet. Frankie spent the whole night drawing the painting of farm in Tibet for Annie. Annie thought it would be so wonderful if she could travel to Tibet with Fankie.


The manager is retiring and appointed Ellesmere as the new manager. Ellesmere’s mother go thrilled that Ellesmere got promoted and told the maids that raising kids is hard. Annie and her maid saw Ellesmere’s mother dropped some candles and white papers. Ellesmere’s mother cheers in front of the bandit’s wife’s grave. Ellesmere wrote his name in front of Myolie. Johnny accidentally cut his finger after seeing Annie’s maid. Annie asked about Ellesmere’s mother’s friend. Johnny said she and Ellesmere’s mother gave birth to the babies at the same time. Annie asked Johnny about Ellesmere’s friend’s mother. Johnny said she was dead. Annie’s maid threw soy sauce and pepper at Johnny. Florence and the third madam found a letter under Myolie’s bed from a guy. The third madam asked Myolie who’s his lover and how did he meet him. Myolie cried and refused to tell. The third madam ordered her servant to guard Myolie. Frankie confronted a man for bumping into an elder lady without apologizing. The man beat up Frankie. Annie kicked the man and asked him to apologize to the elder lady. Annie put on the medicine on Frankie. Frankie told Annie she should learn to sew. Annie bet with Frankie in three days she will sew a sac for him.




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