Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 60 recap

The majesty appointed the official as the general leading the army. Ng Ying Hung asked Siu Bo for a favor. Siu Bo thought in his mind if he’s going to ask him to bear a child for him. Ng Ying Hung asked Siu Bo to persuade the majesty to bring the guards to Jiang Nan. While Siu Bo left, Ng Ying Hung smirked and said he will ask his father to attack his territory. Siu Bo bet with Ng Ying Hung to horse racing. Siu Bo gave a farmer staff three hundred thousand taels to poison Ng Ying Hung’s horse. Hong Hei plans to use push the cannons at Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo told Hong Hei that the horses of Jiang Nan run fast and Ng Ying Hung wants to win the horse race to show off. Hong Hei said Ng Sam Kwai plans to escape using the horses.

Hong Hei ordered the guards to close the gate and asked Ng Ying Hung to see him. Hong Hei told Siu Bo to not underestimate Ng Sam Kwai. Do Lung told Hong Hei that Ng Ying Hung has been going hunting. Hong Hei got mad that Ng Ying Hung is on his way to rebel. Hong Hei wrote an order and asked Siu Bo to arrest Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo ordered the guards to arrest the officials. The officals refused to admit they are Ng Sam Kwai’s cohort. The officials doubt how did Ng Ying Hung’s horses got diarrhea. Siu Bo ordered the guards to arrest Ng Ying Hung. Siu Bo teased Ng Ying Hung for disguising as a pauper. Siu Bo put on some dirt on his face and told Hong Hei he chased Ng Ying Hung in the mud. He trapped Ng Ying Hung by giving Ng Ying Hung’s horses some beans to eat for them to have diarrhea. Hong Hei plans to let Ng Ying Hung to go back to his house to let Ng Sam Kwai know he was generous to spare him so he can let go of the revenge plan. Siu Bo drank with the officials and sworn to be brothers. The Heaven and Earth Sect returned to Siu Bo’s mansion. Siu Bo told the Heaven and Earth they are going to leave to Guangzhou.




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