Wuxia Series Nostalgic

I grew up watching Wuxia and HK Dramas. There will always be Wuxia Series I will always remember. My parents read the wuxia novels but I didn’t. Hope this post will let you know about my childhood a little bit better.

Here are the Wuxia Series which I grew up watching with my family.

Once Upon a Time in China 1993 starring Vincent Zhao


Justice Bao 1993, Kenny Ho as Zhan Zhao rocks

Demi God and Semi Devil 96. ❤ Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan


For modern dramas, Looking Back in Anger, A good match from Heaven, and Romance Beyond marks my childhood memories.

What are your childhood Wuxia Series? I heard from many Wuxia fans their favorite are Journey to the West 96 and State of Divinity 96. I did asked my few wuxia buddies if they liked Demi God and Semi Devil 96 or State of Divinity 96 more.


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