Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 9 recap

The sect member told Qiao Feng that he and Mu Rong Fu have the same motive and always speaks up for Mu Rong Fu. Qiao Feng used his power on the sect member and said someone is causing chaos in the sect. Qiao Feng asked a sect member to bring the two sect leaders and he asked others to sit. A sect member said he and three sect leaders got stuck in the both with bombs in it. Qiao Feng asked the sect member what did he do to him causing him to rebel. The sect member said he suspects Qiao Feng for killing Brother Ma. The sect member said he brought the four elder sect leaders here to give them the proof. Qiao Feng told the sect member he is cunning for using the four sect leaders. The four sect leaders surrender. The sect member asked the four leaders why are they surrendering. Qiao Feng held the swords and stabbed himself on the chest as a gratitute to forgive them. The sect leader feel ashame and refused to believe rumors. A sect leader wants to kill himself but Qiao Feng took his knife and stab himself. Qiao Feng asked the sect member if he knows his mouth will case many death. Qiao Feng kicked the sect member out of the sect. An elder man came and came with Madamme. The elder lady sect leader took out the knifes out of Qiao Feng and asked her husband to pour the medicine on Qiao Feng. Ah Zhu mimicked the sect leader’s jealousy on the elder sect leader’s husband toward his wife. Everyone laughed. The elder sect lad slapped Ah Zhu.


Madamme came and said a while ago, she was organizing her husband’s room and found a letter and gave it to the sect leader. The elder sect lady asked the sect leader he remembered the fight thirty years ago. The monk held the letter and said this letter should be destroyed. The monk said he used to make a mistake. 30 years ago, there was an evil guy who wanted to steal their seventy two step manuel. The monks were preparing to battle against the Khitan. The monks put monks dressed up in black with poisons on the sword since they were worried to lose to the Khitan. They killed all the Khitan and found it weird that their martial arts were subpar. Qiao Feng’s Father and his wife were riding a horse traveling on the mountain while carrying Qiao Feng. The monks chased Qiao Feng’s father and surrounded him. Xiao Feng fought with the monks and killed Qiao Feng’s mother. Qiao Fen’gs father madly stabbed the monks. Qiao Feng’s father screams why did they killed his wife. Qiao Feng punched on the rock. Qiao Feng’s father held his wife and jumped own and threw the baby up to the previous sect leader. The sect member said the one who cowardly ran was him. The monks said though they won the war, they regretted. The monk was about to throw Qiao Feng out of the cliff but the sect leader prevented him. The stamped the words on the paper from the rock using their blood and printed the paper out. Qiao Feng asked the monk about the baby. The monk said they gave the baby to a good family to raise the baby. Qiao Feng anxiously asked the monk about the family. The monk told Qiao Feng that he is the baby and is a Khitan. Qiao Feng teared up and confronted the sect member for making up tales to frame him. Qiao Feng told the sect leaders and member he can hand over his post if they want to but why did they frame him. The monk told Qiao Feng that it was also a set up to hand him over to the monks so they can teach him martial arts. His sect leader really cares for him because he feels that the monk made a mistake toward his father so they have to raise Qiao Feng to be a martial art hero. Qiao Feng laughed that he doesn’t even know his identity. It was not easy for him to have this name and he will investigate this case. The monk told Qiao Feng that his honesty and achievements caused others to respect him. Because he is a Khitan, the sect leader tested him by giving him seven missions until he became the beggar sect leader. The monk reads the letter and tore it.



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