Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 61 recap

Siu Bo asked the Heaven and Earth Sect to persuade the thieves to withdraw since the majesty is trying to assassinate them. Siu Bo and Tsang Yau eavesdrop on Ng Sam Kwai man chatting with Tsang Yau’s master about Ng Sam Kwai and Anti-Qing. Tsang Yau’s master wants Ng Sam Kwai to be an Anti-Qing if he wants him to join him. Ng Sman Kwai’s man grabbed Tsang Yau’s master. The Heaven and Earth sect pointed a sword at Ng Sam Kwai’s man. Tsang Yau ran in and cried while touching her master. Siu Bo gave Tsang Yau a knife and asked her to stab Ng Sam Kwai’s man. Tsang Yau stabbed Ng Sam Kwai’s man and told her master she finally revenged for him. Siu Bo and Seung Yee asked Tsang Yau to join them with the Heaven and Earth Sect. The greedy official greets Siu Bo. Siu Bo recognizes him as the offical who has betrayed Seung Yee and her master. Siu Bo and the officials looked at the flowers in the garden. Siu Bo suggests the official to chop down the flowers to nurture the horses for the majesty. An official told Siu Bo a story of generals picking up flowers can comparing Siu Bo to the generals. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the official wanted him to help him see the majesty. The greedy official told Siu Bo that he will one day be like Ng Sam Kwai. Siu Bo thought in his mind that he is so spiteful for comparing him with Ng Sam Kwai. The official told Siu Bo that Ng Sam Kwai can’t be compared with Siu Bo. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the official is smart. An official requested Siu Bo to let buy flowers for him instead of having him chop the flowers. Siu Bo saw a man from the back and found him familiar. Siu Bo smirked while listening to a not so good looking lady playing the instrument.

Siu Bo sneaks in the brothel. Siu Bo eavesdrop at his mother serving Ah Ke and Cheng Hak Song. Cheng Hak Song told Ah Ke that the brothel is a safe place for them to stay. Siu Bo heard Cheng Hak Song and Ah Ke plans to poison Siu Bo. Siu Bo’s mother pinched Siu Bo’s ear and dragged him to her room.




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