Food of Love episode 7 recap

A chef explained the rules to Wong Hei that to not go late three times or his salary will be deducated. He can’t smoke nor eat sneakingly in the kitchen. The chefs trained Wong Hei. The chefs assistant requested the chef to let him buy the abalones. Wong Hei helped a chef cleaning the vegetables. The chef told Wong Hei that it isn’t his position to wash the vegetables, he can wash the chicken. In the locker room, Wong Hei eavesdrop on the chef gambled that if the assistant leaves they will leave too. A chef showed Wong Hei a cooking novel at the bookstore. The restaurant businessman discuss about the abalones. A colleague suggest to promote the assistant chef to the main chef. The businessman argued with his colleague. Marco suggests to have two main chefs. Marco gave his mother a watch as a gift for mother’s day. Marco and his parents ate the food of the main chef in the hotel. A businessman requested Marcos’ father to try the abalones from the assistant chef but he refuses.

Fennie asked Wong Hei about his first day of work. Fennie tapped Wong Hei’s back. Fennie sighed about her mother bothering her and wished Wong Hei was there. Fennie’s mother set up Fennie to a blind date with a Psychiatrist. A broadcast staff requested Fennie to tell stories on radio for the kids. Fennie played with Eddie’s son’s dog and suggest Eddie to give more love for the dog. The dog sat toward Eddie on the bed. Eddie tried to love dog and hugged it. A businessman yelled at Wong Hei for walking in the office wearing a chef’s clothing and leaving his hat. Wong Hei gave Marco some fast food and said he got scolded by a businessman.

The assistant chef walks in the kitchen as the main chef. The main chef scolded a chef for not cleaning the vegetables properly. The chefs scolded Wong Hei to beat up the eggs instead of wandering off. Eddie helped Wong Hei’s sister clean off the virus from the computer. Eddie helped Wong Hei’s sister search for a good laundry store. They stand by each other through the rain. Wong Hei teases his sister and asked her if she knows where’s Eddies’ wife. Two chefs got in trouble for fighting with each other. A chef accused the other chef for smoking in the kitchen. The assistant chef asked the chefs to take a break and let the chef who accused the chef of smoking, to do the work. The assistant chef treated Wong Hei for karaoke but he rejected. Wong Hei helped the chef cleaning the kitchen. Wong Hei gave his mother some money he earned.

The assistant chef asked the chefs to taste his abalones. Wong Hei tasted the assistant chef’s abalone and found it really good. The assistant chef asked Wong Hei if he wants to learn how to cook it, he can teach him. Wong Hei said he can’t. The assistant chef asked Wong Hei to call him sifu then he’ll teach him. Wong Hei reject and said he’s really dumb and won’t be able to learn fast. Wong Hei saw the chefs smoking cigarettes. He dropped the ciggarrettes on the floor when the businessmen checked the kitchen. The businessmen scold the chefs for smoking. The businessmen asked the chef to smoke to stand up. The businessman asked Wong Hei to point out who smoked. Wong Hei told the businessman the truth. The chefs picked on Wong Hei for being nosy. The main chef asked the chefs to blame themselves for doing something wrong and not put blame on others.






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