Must Read Wuxia Post!

I found these Wuxia posts and interesting read! I love when both A Virtual Voyage and WuxiaEdge mention about Zhan Zhao and Bai Yu Tang!

Legend of Condor Heroes remake by Kappy

Bai Yu Tang stills by Kappy

Top 5 ways to die in Wuxia by Sapphiresky

I would have put Duel as the number one where Xiao Shiyi Lang and Liang Chengbi had a final duel in Xiaoshiyi Lang. In Ru Lai Shen Zhang, there was also a duel.

Accupoint in Wuxia by Sapphiresky

Characters old vs young by Sapphiresky

If you want to know more about Wuxia, you should read the SPCNET forum.


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