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Colourful Life episode 21 recap

Annie asked Louisa for advice to sew flowers on on the embroidery for Frankie. May asked Louisa for help solving the chess piece. Louisa told May that she is in the game so she is confused. Louisa told May that Annie is starting to fall for Frankie since she takes Frankie’s bet seriously about sewing the flowers. In the garden Myolie talked to Ellesmere using Frankie as an example of herself being controlled by her mother so she couldn’t hang out with him. Ellesmere sighed to Frankie and Annie that Myolie’s mother won’t accept him. Annie told Ellesmere that the third Madam will eventually accept him just like how she and Frankie used to argue with each other but now become friends.

Florence’s maid pretends to hang herself during the night. The doctor told Madam Ching that Florence’s maid is pregnant. Florence asked her maid who is the man who caused her to be pregnant. Florence’s maid refused to say. Florence suggests to spank Florence’s maid for her to tell out. Louis asked his family to stop forcing Florence’s maid, he is the man. Florence refused to let her maid marry Louis as a mistress. The third Madam told Florence if she haven’t been pregnant for seven years, Louis can dump her.

Louisa told May she rather marry another man than marrying someone who is already married. Louisa told May it is not easy to stay in this house. Madam Ching consoled Florence. Madam Ching told Florence that she used to share a husband with the third madam. If she befriend the mistress, her life would be easier. Madam Ching asked Florence to pity her maid and let her marry Louis. Florence stays in her room alone while Louis make love with Florence’s maid.

The next morning, Cutie teased Florence that she musn’t have a good sleep last night. Cutie told Florence that she ate breakfast with her husband. Florence’s maid teased Florence of not sleeping well last night. Florence asked her maid not to put herself so high. She is the main wife while her maid is just a mistress. The maid used her hands to slap the fly and said the fly is poisonous. Madam Ching’s maid passed by. Florence told the maid that the fly isn’t as poisonous as her. Florence told her maid that seeing her dirty tricks make her throw up. Madam Ching’s maid brought a chicken soup for the maid. Madam Ching fainted in the fabric store. Madam Ching gave Louis the key to her account. Annie showed Frankie the flowers she sewed on the sac. Frankie told Annie it doesn’t look like flowers. May smiled seeing Annie and Frankie argued as a couple. May told Frankie and Annie they are both right. Annie went with May to buy more materials to sew the flowers. Annie hard a customer said the library has been burnt. Annie anxiously search for Frankie. Annie found Frankie’s shoe and felt relieve seeing Frankie. Frankie told Annie he went out to buy birds.




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