Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 68 recap

The eunuch gave Siu Bo the edict from the majesty. Siu Bo watches the drawings of he and the majesty and their adventure. The eunuch reads the edict “Wei Siu Bo, you silly boy where are you hiding. Did you forget me? You didn’t listen to me and refused to kill your master, and kidnapped Princess Kin Ning. You’ve made many achievements and is truly loyal to me. No matter what crime you’ve committed, I will still spare you. He is getting married and would be really upset if he didn’t attend his wedding. If you are smart, then you should go back to the palace and surrender. From now on if you refuses to me, I will kill you. Chan Kan Nam is already dead. You aren’t related to the Anti-Qing anymore. You should work hard to get rid of the Anti-Qing and then get rid of Ng Sam Kwai. He will give Princess Kin Ning to him as his wife. I am your master but also your best friend. Come home now with me”.

Siu Bo asked the official if the majesty told him if he doens’t come back, the majesty will chop his head. Siu Bo said he doesn’t have the face to meet the majesty. He rather die. Siu Bo hugged his seven beautiful wives and told the official that the majesty knows his coward personality that he’s afraid to suicide. Siu Bo told the official to just tell the truth to the majesty that he’ll come back. Siu Bo stared at two baby sons from So Chuen and Ah Ke and a baby daughter from Princess Kin Ning. Kin Ning whined that Siu Bo used to tell her that baby son will get reward while she has to raise the baby daughter on her own. So Chuen told Kin Ning to not worry, she and Ah Ke will love her daughter and Siu Bo is usually nicer to girls. Siu Bo got an idea of throwing dices to give names to his babies. Siu Bo rolled the dice of five and six for Ah Ke’s son and named him Fu Tau. Siu Bo rolled the dice of one and five and named So Cheun’s daughter Tung Ceoi. Siu Bo rolled the dice and got two dices of two. Kim Ping asked Siu Bo if Kin Ning’s daughter name is Bang Deng which means Wooden Bench. Kin Ning refused. Siu Bo threw the dice again which is two dices of two. Kin Ning threw the dices again and got two dices of two. So Chuen decipher the dice and thought of giving Kin Ning’s daughter’s name Seong Seong.

The majesty sent an edict to promote Siu Bo and ordered him to get rid of the Anti-Qing before he fights with Ng Sam Kwai. If Siu Bo refuses to get rid of the Anti-Qing, he has to stay in the island fishing and catch turtles for the majesty. Siu Bo sighed and wants to go back to his hometown visiting his mother. They’ve been in the island for two years. Siu Bo is willing to do anything except killing the Anti-Qing. So Chuen told Siu Bo that the majesty only wants him to surrender. So Chuen told Siu Bo that a hero have to stand the hard times. It is too easy for him to sing and play with the ladies in the brothel. Siu Bo said he has to be a hero and be able to touch the girls. Siu Bo touched So Chuen’s face and said he doesn’t believe he can’t touch her. Siu Bo chases his wives.

The official told Siu Bo that Ng Sam Kwai and Cheng Hak Song has surrendered. The official told Siu Bo that the majesty wants him to return to the palace and don’t worry about the Anti-Qing. Siu Bo greets th majesty and cried. The majesty asked Siu Bo how many kids does he have. The majesty said he has beaten him in this part, he has four boys and three girls. Siu Bo told the majesty that a good king has many kids. Siu Bo told the majesty he asked him to go fishing, he has to think carefully what to say to him. The majesty promoted Siu Bo. The majesty told Siu Bo that Cheng Hak Song has followed the Qing and he promised to spare him. The majesty told Siu Bo it is a good thing he will never betray his friends for wealth and fortune. If he doesn’t betray his friends, he believes he will never betray him. Siu Bo told the majesty, he is loyal to him. The majesty always know what he’s thinking which scares him. He is like Sun WuKong who wil never get out of heaven. The majesty told Siu Bo that he has become wiser, but if he wants to leave him he may not be able to keep him.

Do Lung thanked Siu Bo for saving him. Do Lung told Siu Bo that the majesty told him that he has saved him from the assassin. Luckily the knife didn’t get stab on the heart but he was in coma for three days. Siu Bo gave the debt of Cheng Hak Song as a gift to Do Lung. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the money from Cheng Hak Song should be a compensation from him stabbing Do Lung from his back.

Mau Sap Bat held a sword and wanted to chop Siu Bo on the street. Mau Sap Bat fought with the guards. Siu Bo put the basKet on the Mau Sap Bat and ordered the guards to bring him to his court. Mau Sap Bat asked Siu Bo to kill him. Mau Sap Bat told Siu Bo he greeds fortune and killed Chan Kan Nam. Mau Sap Bat told Siu Bo that the edict said he got the merit for killing Chan Kan Nam. So Chuen told Siu Bo she just read the edict that he killed Chan Kan Nam which is why he got promoted. Siu Bo told Mau Sap Bat he wasn’t the one who has killed Chan Kan Nam. It was Cheng Hak Song who has killed him. The majesty told Siu Bo he wrote this edict so the Anti-Qing won’t bother him and forced him to join the Anti-Qing. The majesty told Siu Bo he has arranged a martial artist to save him or else he would have been killed by the Anti-Qing. The majesty said he will behead Mau Sap Bat. Siu Bo begs the majesty not to kill Mau Sap Bat whom brought him to the palace. Siu Bo said he rather not take the promotion. The majesty yelled at Siu Bo and said promotion can’t negotiated. Siu Bo said he can’t kill his best friend. The majesty told Siu Bo, if he doesn’t bring Mau Sap Bat’s head then it will be his head. The majesty asked Siu Bo if he wants to runaway again. Siu Bo told the majesty he wouldn’t dare to, he will go home and think carefully how to deal with this while maintaining his friendship. The majesty told Siu Bo the Empress Dowager is enjoying seeing his three kids and seven wives for the night. The majesty asked Siu Bo to pick up his seven wives and three kids tomorrow from the Empress Dowager’s court.

Do Lung gave back the money from Cheng Hak Song to Siu Bo. Siu Bo came to Cheng Hak Song’s house to demand the remaining of his debt. Siu Bo teased Cheng Hak Song of being old. Siu Bo asked Cheng Hak Song to tell his story of conquering the Qing. Cheng Hak Song begged Siu Bo to spare him. Cheng Hak Song’s master said killing Chan Kan Nam was his idea. Cheng Hak Song’s master told Siu Bo the majesty already spare them. Cheng Hak Song’s master told Siu Bo that the maejesty wouldn’t let him make up story to frame him. Siu Bo asked Do Lung a favor to teach Cheng Hak Song’s master a lesson without alerting the majesty. The imperial guards arrested Cheng Hak Song’s master and kicked him in the street during the night under an official’s order. The timing is right, that the official’s wife realizes her husband is missing and came with the housewives to catch their husband having an affair. Siu Bo asked the guards to watch the play as he deals with Cheng Hak Song’s master.





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