Food of Love episode 8 recap

The chef assistant accused Wong Hei of eavesdropping other chefs cooking and wanting to steal their cooking method. The chef assistant asked the other chefs to teach Wong Hei his skills. The chef criticized Wong Hei’s chicken. the main chef told the chef’s assistant that it takes time to learn while being a student, and mistake can’t be avoided. The chef showed Wong Hei his cooking notepad. The main chef asked Wong Hei if he’s too strict. The main chef told Wong Hei that as a lead, he needs to be strict. Though he’s strict, he can tell who’s hardworking. Wong Hei watches the main chef cooking at home. Wong Hei asked the main chef if he always cook after work. Wong Hei asked the main chef if he can watch him cook everyday after work.

Fennie bumped into Mark work and dropped some documents. Mark showed a news to her boss and her boss threw it. Fennie reads the script in the radio broadcast and found it creepy. Mark came and apologized that they have mixed up the script. Fennie ate with Wong Hei. Wong Hei introduces Marco to Wong Hei. Marco told Fennie that they have met before. Fennie took a closer look at Marco and recognized him as the guy who argued with the taxi driver. Fennie told Wong Hei that Marco is smart unlike him but don’t worry if he’s in trouble she will send a superhero to save him. Wong He asked Marco to ignore Fennie, she thinks she is a superhero but she doesn’t know a superhero is a male. Fennie kicked Wong Hei. Marco complimented Fennie as kind. Marco recognizes the punch of the superhero. Fennie reward a big lobster to Marco. Fennie told Wong Hei she already have him as a a slave, since Marco’s IQ is higher than him he could be a superhero. Marco said Superhero gets beaten up right away. Wong Hei asked Fennie to not play Marco like that since she met him for the first time. Fennie asked Wong Hei if receiving one punch is not enough. Fennie chased Wong Hei. Marco asked Fennie if she needs help. Fennie said the superhero is righteous.

Wong Hei returned the cheque to Kenix. Kenix treated Wong Hei for lunch. Kenix wants to interview Wong Hei about saving the kid on the hill. Kenix asked Wong Hei about his family. Wong Hei said he doesn’t have a girlfriend.Kenix told Wong Hei that she is sure a girl will fall for his personality. Fennie told Wong Hei she has planned the schedule to hang out with him. Fennie told Wong Hei that from now on the world will hear her story.

Wong Hei earned a raise of twenty percent of his salary. Wong He wanted to treat Marco for diner and saw a businessman called Marco his boss to go to the meeting. The chefs told Wong Hei that they are not cunning like him pleasing the big boss. Wong Hei’s brother’s wife told Wong Hei’s brother and his mother the good news of she’s pregnant. Wong Hei thanked Marco for raising his salary and he’s scared of dirtying his shirt and he doesn’t want others seeing him talking to him. Wong Hei worried others will gossip about him using connection to be promoted. Marco told Wong Hei that he’s fair. Outside of work, they are friends because they don’t treat each other as superior but he never asked about his salary. Wong Hei apologized to Marco for listening to rumors. Marco went out to eat with Wong Hei. Marco and Wong Hei bought candies at night. Marco saw the way Wong Hei eating the candy and it reminded him of his friend who has one eyelashes. He remembered he got beaten by others and Wong He cheered him up with the candies. Wong Hei can’t believe thirteen years later he meets him again. Marco said when he was in sith grade, other kids nitpick on him being an illegitimate son. Later he got transferred to another school. When he didn’t see his father again. Then his mother met his stepfather and got married. He and his father always go fishing at the beach. The chefs gossiped about Wong Hei treating the main chef milk teas. The chef told the chefs taht Wong Hei is hardworking and fast. The chefs told the chef that Wong Hei enjoy pleasing others. The chef told the chefs that the main chef can tell who is hardworking, and instead of gossiping they should evaluate themselves.

Kenix showed Wong Hei the script for the interview. Wong Hei and Kenix hid from the rain. Wong Hei went through the rain and held an umbrella for Kenix. Wong Hei asked Kenix to drive safely and he already has an umbrella. Wong Hei sit and watches Kenix reporting the news on TV.

Wong Hei suggests his mom to cook papayas with beef to soften it. Wong Hei cooked chicken perfectly in front of the Chef’s Assistant. The chef’s assistant got pissed and criticized the chicken as too big. Wong Hei showed Marco how to buy and cook fishes. Eddie met Wong Hei. Wong Hei told Marco he only came here for the food. Maarco bumped into Eddie. Eddie asked the stall owner while did he hired a clumsy chef. Wong Hei introduces Marco to Eddie. Eddie gave Marco his ID. Eddie ate Marco’s food and found it untasty but praise it as tasty. During diner, Wong Hei’s brother told his wie she is now a princess. Wong Hei’s sister bought flat noodles for Eddie. The main chef suggests Wong Hei to buy a crab with cracked shell since they are stronger. The main chef told Wong He he will be promoted as the manager.






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