Food of Love episode 9 recap

The chefs are impressed Wong Hei rose to be a manager so fast due to his hard work. Wong Hei makes tea for the main chef. Marco congratulates Wong Hei for his promotion. Marco celebrated Wong Hei’s promotion with Wong Hei, Fennie, and Marco. Wong Hei and Eddie car races against Fennie and Marco. Wong Hei smiled and stared at Kenix. Marco and Fennie got lost in the mountain. Fennie asked Marco to play a game with her of who will roll down faster. Fenni asked Marco a question of how to place an elephant in the refrigerator in three steps. Fennie told Marco he has overthought about it. He just needs to open the refrigerator and put the elephant in, then close the refrigerator. Marco told Fennie that hanging out with her and Wong Hei is fun.

Wong Hei’s mother found Wong Hei’s brother’s wife dish towel look so good, so she used it to wash her face. Wong Hei and his family eat hotdogs and eggs for breakfast. Wong Hei’s sister in law said they only loved it cause it is new to them but it isn’t as good as the congee Wong Hei’s mother cook. Wong Hei asked his mother if she believes her cooking style is so old. Kenix received a bouquet of flowers. Kenix and her colleagues have a new manager. Kenix’s sister moved in Kenix’s flat. Eddie invited Wong Hei’s sister to his house. Eddie cleaned up his son’s toy and twisted his back. Eddie gave Wong Hei’s sister a bowl of dessert. Eddie’s son came came home and said the dessert has expired. Eddie’s son told Wong Hei’s sister that his father has never invited a woman to go to his house. Eddie drank with Wong Hei at the bar and asked if those women fits his criteria. Eddie told Wong Hei that finding a girlfriend is like playing the lottery.

Wong Hei stood in front of Kenix’s car and saw Kenix going out with her boyfriend (her new boss) in the parking lot. Kenix’s siter asked Kenixto invite her bofyriend to her house. Kenix teased her sister of calling her boyfriend. Kenix watches the video with Wong Hei. Wong Hei heard Kenix got a date with her boyfriend next tuesday. Fennie meets with her parents. Fennie’s parents set up the doctor with Fennie on a date. They went canoeing. Fennie tried to paddle faster and twisted her leg. The doctor asked Fennie to marry him and give birth to a son for him. Fennie asked his afther to listen to her kid story on the radio tomorrow. Wong Hei and his friend listen to Fennie’s storyelling in the radio. Wong Hei saw Kenix’s boyfriend went in the car with another girl. Kenix’s boyfriend lied to Kenix that he’s busy consoling a friend who fought with his wife. Kenix’s sister drunkenly went in Kenix’s house. Kenix’s boyfriend came and refused to stay with Kenix. Kenix drove his boyfriend out. Wong Hei saw Kenix in the hotel drinking. Wong Hei smiled in front of Kenix as she got out of the hotel.






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