Different types of Drama Blogs Guideline

Here are some guidelines for fans who wants to start a new drama blog!

Before you create a blog, think about which type of drama blog you are going to create?

There are different types of drama blogs.

-Asian Drama Blogs which blogs asian dramas (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and other asian dramas)

-Fusion Drama Blogs which blogs about two countries dramas such as (Japanese and Korean Dramas) or (Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas)

-Solo drama blogs which blogs only about one country’s dramas.

-Personal Blogs which blogs about personal life along with dramas.(Those are good for those who are busy and just casually watch dramas)

Consider what is your expertise in and what you like?

Do you watch a certain country’s dramas more than others? Do you watch Korean dramas more than other dramas? What asian topics are you knowledgeable to write about?

Do you believe there are too many big blogs about those topics you want to cover, and you want to cover topics that are less being talked about? Do you have confidence that you can blog about the topic you want?

You know how most fans go to WuxiaEdge, Ockoala, and A Virtual Voyage for Wuxia blogs, and some fans don’t have enough confidence in blogging about wuxia since there are already some well established wuxia blogs.

Most kdrama fans go to Dramabeans so some fans hesitate in creating a kdrama blog.

Do you want to do upcoming news or reviews and recaps?


Promote your blog on facebook and twitter. Facebook has a lot of drama fans since almost everyone has a facebook. To be honest, I knew some of the drama bloggers from facebok before I created this drama blog, that’s how I got to network with some drama streaming sites and drama bloggers.

I believe that if drama bloggers want more drama blogs, they should give tips and guidelines for fans to create a drama blog to motivate fans to have confidence.


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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