Heroes from Shaolin Temple episode 2 recap

Amy fought with Li Ning and wants to leave. Li Ning told Amy he has never used his dagger to fight with other people. Amy fought with Li Ning to force him to use his dagger. Amy got injured and pointed a sword at Li Ning and asked him to use his dagger. Li Ning told Amy she can pushed the sword if she wants. He was trained in the temple but he believes she is a kinda girl. Amy left and said the world is evil, if he doesn’t kill them, they will kill him. Amy fainted. The elder monk praised Li Ning on his hard work and encourage him to continue working hard. Li Ning asked the elder monk why wouldn’t he let him be bald. The elder monk told Li Ning it is because he is too kind. The elder monk gives Li Ning a task of finding the manuel. Deric’s father chases Deric and wants to break his leg. Li Ning prevented Deric’s father. Li Ning asked Deric’s father if he has told Deric when he will break Deric’s leg. Li Ning told Deric’s father he can wait till thirty years later to break Deric’s leg. During diner, Deric’s father asked Li Ning what he thinks about his martial arts. Li Ning complimented Deric’s father as energetic. Derick told his father he wants to stay with Li Ning at the temple for the moment. Deric’s father asked Deric about Amy. Deric told his father that Amy’s background if pitiful and her parents have died and was forced to be a prostitute and got bitten by a snake and rescued by Li Ning.


Li Ning’s disciple told Lin Ning he has found who has possessed the manuel. Li Ning chases the intruder and barge in the room and saw Amy taking a bath. Li Ning ran to the plain. Amy yelled at Li Ning for ruining her reputation. Li Ning told Amy he didn’t mean to. Amy cried. Derick and his men fell down the door and told Li Ning he haven’t heard anything. Li Ning bids farewell to Deric and his men. Amy played the harp while Li Ning perform martial arts. Amy went in side Li Ning’s room and said she has asked herself why should she steal the manuel from him but she couldn’t find the answer. She feels they are fated to be with each other. She will help him find the manuel. She also hopes she can wander around the world with him. Li Ning thanked Amy but he has to go back to the temple. Li Ning walks out of the bathub and Amy surprisingly saw him bald. Li Ning said he always wanted to be a monk. Amy asked Li Ning why did he choose this time to be bald. Li Ning said what kept him from being bald was himself, now he approves himself to be a monk. Amy asked Li Ning if he doesn’t have any feelings toward her. Li Ning apologized to Amy. Amy wishes Li Ning luck on becoming a monk. Li Ning gave Amy a pearl necklace to keep her healthy. Amy took the pearl necklace and left.


Li Ning fought with the assassins. One of Li Ning’s brothers got injured. Li Ning and the monks go to war with another sect. The sect member told Li Ning that the seven manuels have been taken by a woman. Li Ning saw a female body hung on the hay house. Li Ning fought with a sect member during the rain. Amy ran up to Li Ning and said she puts the dead body to sidetrack the enemies. A disciple told Li Ning that he has killed the wrong person. The disciple told Li Ning that those people he has killed was just villagers who thought they were thieves. Li Ning took his sword and wants to kill himself. The disciple and Amy prevented him. Li Ning left with the monks. Amy called Li Ning but Li Ning continue to leave. Amy said it was hear fault.


Amy dressed up in black suit and sneaks in the palace to find the manuel. Amy fought with the guards. Amy fought with the official. The official took off Amy’s mask and asked her why didn’t she go through the main door. Amy pleads the official to give her back the manuel so she can return it to the temple. The official told Amy it is useless to keep a dog who isn’t loyal. The official fought with Amy. Amy opened the sedan chair and pointed a sword at the official’s wife (Noel Leung). The official threw some poisonous needles at Amy and told the guards that she will die in seven days. Amy stood in front of the temple wanting to see Li Ning. Amy fought with the monks. Amy rushed to the stairs and tripped on the monk stick. The monks dragged Amy out of the temple. Amy walked in the temple and fought with the monks. Amy stared at Li Ning and asked him why did he become a golden statue. Li Ning threw down Amy.



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