Heroes from Shaolin Temple episode 3 recap

Deric told the story between him and Li Ning to the people at the brothel and how he became Li Ning’s disciple. He has a dream of Li Ning knocked on his door during the night and begged him to be his disciple. He posses a heavy dagger and use it to fight. Gigi came and told Deric that he can’t even hold a chicken with his martial arts so don’t even mention about the dagger. Deric said the wrong history of Shaolin and Gigi corrected it. Gigi wants to have a duel with Deric. Deric refuses and said he’s afraid he can’t control himself and should only use his martial art when he’s in danger. Deric’s parents feel humiliated about Gigi pointing Deric’s flaws.

Gigi’s cousin practice shooting arrows on Eddie. Gigi helped Eddie up and confronted her cousin about using her older brother as a target for shooting arrows. The master told Gigi that Eddie is an illegitimate son. Gigi’s father yelled at Eddie for practicing his family’s martial arts. Gigi told her father he doesn’t accept him as his son but he is her brother. Gigi’s cousin told Gigi’s father to consider Eddie as a dog. Gigi’s cousin and his father scheme to get rid of Gigi’s Duan family. Gigi’s cousin and his father watches the wrestling fight. The people asked a drunkard to fight. The drunkard defeated his opponent using one kick. The martial artist picked up the silver and left. Gigig’s cousin and his father came up to the pauper and said with his martial artist, he has potential to do something big. Deric sat the next table aside from Gigi’s table inthe restaurant. Gigi said she doesn’t understand why there are some people who doesn’t know martial arts but keep on talking about it. Deric told his disciple they have to remember to cherish conscience more than martial arts. Deric’s disciple asked Deric to fight with Gigi. Gigi told Deric if she wins, he has to call her master but if she loses, she will stop bothering him. Gigi fought with Deric. Deric grabbed Gigi. Gigi asked Deric if he wants to take advantage of her. Gigi punched Deri’s nose. Gigi asked Deric why did he touch her. Deric and Gigi argue with each other. People in the brothel laughed. Deric asked his father to let him go to the temple to learn martial arts. Deric told his father his martial art sucks. Others thought his martial art is good because of his name.


The drunkard watches Gigi’s cousin performing martial arts. Eddie eavesdrop at Gigi’s cousin performing martial arts. Gigi’s cousin dragged Eddie in the room and punched him. Gigi’s cousin stared at Eddie and left. In the woods, Gigi’s cousin asked the drunkard what other steps he didn’t teach him since he couldn’t kill somebody. The drunkard told Gigi’s cousin he already taught him the martial arts but he lacking the skills. Eddie came and told Gigi that it was lucky that Deric has saved him.

Gigi asked Deric where is Eddie. Deric asked Eddie why his family as such a person who doesn’t have conscience. Eddie told Deric he wanted to learn martial arts to protect his mother. is mother got married to the Duan family. Duan family didn’t teach him any martial artists. Sometimes he wonder if he is an illegitimate son or a dog. Deric gave Gigi the bag of medicine and asked Gigi to soak Eddie in the water. Gigi gave Eddie her family’s medicine instead. Deric told Gigi though her family’s medicine is good but not as good as the medicine from the temple. Gigi told Deric she trusts the medicine but she doesn’t trust him. Derick puts Eddie on the bathub.Gigi kicked the bucket of water. Deric took Gig’s medicine and asked Gigi to pick up the bucket of water. Deric jumped down the brothel. Gigi fought with Deric and placed her leg on his shoulder. Deric’s father saw it and got pissed.


Gigi’s father got mad that Deric’s father wouldn’t do business with him. The prostitutes seduced the drunkard to bail them out. The drunkard too off his shirt and tries to rape a lady. Gigi’s cousin and his father paid the drunkard to kill someone. The drunkard steps in Derick’s house. The drunkard fought with the guards and took off the brand board. Deric’s father told Deric he will break that intruder’s leg tomorrow for him to see. Deric and Gigi bids farewell to Eddie. The drunkard kicked a horse for getting in his way. Eddie recognizes the drunkard and told Deric and Gigi that it was the drunkard who taught the martial arts to Gigi’s cousin. Deric told his father that the drunkard killed the horse with one kick. Deric’s father asked Deric what martial art sect does the horse belong to. Deric told his father he isn’t kidding. Deric’s father asked Deric if he wants him to be a coward. Deric’s father told Deric if he can give him an answer, he will listen to him and not fight with the drunkard tomorrow.


Deric and Edie came up to the drunkard and deals with him to return their brand board. Deric gave the drunkard a pack of gold. The drunkard said he already has been paid by someone else to fight with Deric’s father. The drunkard took a nap. Deric and Eddie hit the drunkard on the head. The drunkard wakes up. Deric and Eddie ran. The next morning, The drunkard hung the brand board under the bridge. People stood waiting to watch the fight. Deric Wan told his father that last night he gave the drunkard a pack of gold but he wouldn’t accept it. He used a shovel to hit him but he was fine. Deric asked his father if he wants him to hit the drunkard hard on the head to revenge for him.


Deric sighed and told his father that the Drunkard’s mission is to take down their family’s name and he won’t be lenient on him. Deric told his father that the drunkard seriously isn’t an easy opponent. Deric’s father told Deric that if he continues talking he will use his left arm to fight with the drunkard. Deric tied up his father on the chair and listed hundred reasons why he tied him up and why the drunkard is a strong opponent and why he is not as good. Deric came to the drunkard and said he’s lucky that his father is busy. He came here to take the board. The drunkard punched Deric. The drunkard held Deric up and threw him on the stall. Eddie saved Deric and fought with the drunkard. The drunkard punched Eddie. Gigi begs her father to save Eddie. The drunkard is about to step on Eddie. The drunkard broke Deric’s board name and left. Deric’s father confronted Deric of ruining his family name. Deric’s father ordered the servant to lock Deric up and leave him in hunger for seven days. Deric’s father said he will go break the drunkard’s leg then go back home and punish Deric. Deric stared at the broken board and couldn’t believe his board got broken by his generation.



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